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Thanks for sharing @ZhouYu ! +1 karma pt pending!

Just want to add to last paragraph, no CM method is absolute in this world. There're always other factors affecting a person's life like freewill, past life's karma, parents' birthchart influences, birth country's conditions, etc.
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Thank you so much blackswan! Mine is Beijing time.

What is a transformation chart (fire)?

Yes, 2011/2012 were pretty good years for career. And I met someone in mid 2014 and ended things with him in late 2014. He didn't take it very well and kept in contact till early 2015. 

I guess my question relating to spouse is, when would be a good time to meet someone? Any possible descriptions of this person? And what would my relationship with a potential spouse look like?

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Without exact city of birth, hour cannot be reliable. Below based on no time adjustment.

Ding  Wu Gui Bing
Si     Chen Si  Yin

LP 2012 Geng Yin
LP 2022 Ji Chou

Strong chart. Possible transformation chart (fire).
To confirm, were 2011/2012 good years for career?
Did you enter into a relationship in 2014, only to exit in 2015?

Spouse palace cannot be read in isolation. Pose a more specific question about relationships if you want an answer.

Doesn't sound like transformation chart from feedback, but I need more to confirm.
How were 2016-17 for relationships? If transformation chart, should be fruitful for relationships; if strong chart, not at all.

If strong chart, you are likely to prefer dating within your social circle and older men from your country. 2016-17 would've been poor odds, 2018 not amazing although some chances appear, 2019 should see it a bit better.
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It has gotten to the point where i have given up trying to talk to @ArtofFugue, but want to address all those who are reading, his opinions are not the same as many on this forum any newbie reading this take his posts with a grain of salt. He often speaks without proper evidence and tries to claim fiction as fact.
He has openly admitted that he has given up on bazi yet i see him here day in and day out criticizing other people's bazi readings like some expert.
This is truly absurd and laughable, but no use in addressing him he is too stubborn just want other readers to know and not fall into his negativity.
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1. The 2 pdf files don't answer my question whether there is "half fu yin".

2. Six Lines is different from Bazi, and that is "Trigram fu yin", not "stem/branch fu yin". 

Of course, Jlim (or anyone) is welcomed to do as he pleased but mashing and twisting each unrelated bit of theory to fit the form is just like rojak. You know what's rojak? True hybrid sects like Ziyun they integrate, they don't mix and twist theory like "half fu yin" to fit their desire.

After pippy and you have tried, both of you would realize it is difficult for Jlim (or anyone trying to help him) to "prove accuracy" because too many contrasting variables are thrown and twisted into the mix, unable to gel even if excessive reverse-engineering and greasing are done. That's why people are saying "Don't mix Mangpai with traditional Bazi method".

With "rojak" method, one's skill level remains forever at the "guessing" stage, unable to nail even 50-50% chance outcome.

Do think deep about what I wrote.
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The above are just some generic points for consideration and casual online discussion. Need to have a closer analysis to have more information. Even if querent's reading fulfills any of the above, it doesn't mean he/she will be as per what the interpretation stated. These points are not absolute and there may be other factors (see below) and configurations involved too. CM only predicts likelihoods and trends.

10 things that made a difference in a destiny
Non-CM reasons that make differences to a person’s destiny

Querent is to be responsible for his/her own fate and personal choices made. Even professional masters cannot be responsible nor fully control their own fate (and are mortals who are also subjected to influences of destiny, prevailing luck, karma and other unseen forces; see below articles), why should they be responsible for yours? Be reasonable and fair to CM practitioners!

Professional master got prediction wrong even for own personal matter! Off by 2 days!
Fortune-teller master Pang murdered in broad daylight due to blunt but accurate predictions!
Fengshui master killed in a landslide while looking for auspicious burial site!
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