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Feng Shui / Fengshui classics...
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Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS) 紫微斗数 / Re: ZWDS case study: Jay Chou
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 :) :) :)
Thanks. Why GMT +7.5 and not +8? This 30 minutes seems to bring change to the Hour Pillar.
Because between 1970-1979 Penang clocktime was GMT+7,5

For audio, go to Youtube video 712A5DDioNQ (go to 4:58~13:51 to listen to the narration in mandarin)

Summary of the anecdote as follows.... My own words in square brackets:

第一个案例非常恐怖; 他被调职了
The 1st case is very horrifying; he [a teacher] was transferred

[so he got upset] and massacred the whole school using firearms

We just talked about 3rd point; it is very important to teach and imbue people with the positive outlook of life.

Hence, the anecdote I’m going to relate to you all [happened]

because [the teacher] lacked positive and right-minded thinking

his mind was full of negative energy, emotions and thinking

这个老师姓袁, 叫做袁愷
The teacher was surnamed Yuan, his name was Yuan Kai.

[the location was] at Kaohsiung, a small primary school in a rural area.

At the school, the principal had a unique practice which mandated the teacher to take their class of students to take turns to clean the school’s toilets.

When the new teacher Mr Yuan first arrived at the school (his first day in that school), it was unexpectedly his class’ turn to clean the toilets.

袁愷心里想, “我在别的学校都没这样做, 校长是要跟我过不去吗?”
Mr Yuan thought, “I’ve never done such menial chore when I taught at other schools. Is the principal deliberately tekan-ing me?”

结果他教了一年以后, 教的很不愉快, 他老认为校长处处在针对他
Because of the seed of negative grudge, he was unhappy all the time during the year of teaching at the school and kept thinking the principal was at odds with him in everything he did.

In actual fact, the principal had none of such grudges.

After 1 year, the ministry of education decided to transfer out all the teachers and principals of that school.

袁愷被调了, 他心里想; “我在别的学校没有待一年就被调动的这种事,明明就是校长整我。”
Mr Yuan was also due for transfer. He thought, “I’ve never been transferred out after only 1 year at other schools, this is clearly principal sabotaging me.”

Unable to accept the transfer, he threatened openly to get back at the principal. The principal was frightened.

Unknown to Mr Yuan, the principal was also due to transfer.

Hence, Mr Yuan went to the ministry of education to enquire if the principal was responsible for his transfer.

He was told to put up with the inconvenience of transfer, and that they will discuss with the principal.

The ministry intended only to dismiss him away as a nuisance but unknowingly allowed the misunderstanding sank deeper.

Hence on 12th September 1964 7:50am, he returned to the school and used firearms to kill the principal, 2 teachers, 1 student, seriously injuried 3 other students and finally used a knife to commit suicide. The cause of this massacre;– a year-long misunderstanding and grudge.


Let’s take a look at the hexagram for that date & time....

占事:Kaohsiung primary school’s massacre
公历起卦时间:1964年9月12日7时50分 (按农历时间起卦)
干支:甲辰年 癸酉月 甲子日 戊辰时  (日空:戌亥)
神煞:驿马-寅 桃花-酉 日禄-寅 贵人-丑,未

          坤宫:雷天大壮 (六冲)    震宫:雷风恒    
六神  伏神   本    卦         变    卦
玄武       兄弟庚戌土 ▅▅ ▅▅      兄弟庚戌土 ▅▅ ▅▅ 应
白虎       子孙庚申金 ▅▅ ▅▅      子孙庚申金 ▅▅ ▅▅  
腾蛇       父母庚午火 ▅▅▅▅▅ 世    父母庚午火 ▅▅▅▅▅  
勾陈       兄弟甲辰土 ▅▅▅▅▅      子孙辛酉金 ▅▅▅▅▅ 世
朱雀       官鬼甲寅木 ▅▅▅▅▅      妻财辛亥水 ▅▅▅▅▅  
青龙       妻财甲子水 ▅▅▅▅▅ 应 ○→ 兄弟辛丑土 ▅▅ ▅▅  

Some signs I happened to observe:

> Hexagram no.34 ‘Great Strength’, moving line 1 was drawn as Original Hexagram. Hexagram types: Clashing and Coffin. Clashing type refers to a situation of discord and unhappiness – Mr Yuan suffered a year of unhappiness due to the misunderstanding. Coffin type may refer to Mr Yuan’s and the other innocent people’s imminent deaths. Coffin type may also point to that the situation was beyond repair and salvation.

> From I Ching text, hexagram no.34 moving line 1 warns one against using brute strength to get things done and rash actions will lead to regret.

> Future Hexagram no.32 ‘Constancy’ is a Bone hexagram type which is synonmous exposure of private matters. The massacre was due to a private grudge between the teacher Mr Yuan and principal.

> Subject @ Snake + Parents + Day Breaker = One of Parents’s representations is teacher. Snake represents doing things on the sly, viciousness, mental illness, issues which are difficult to resolve. With Day Breaker, something ominous would happen that day, subject (Mr Yuan) is mentally unstable. For travel category, Day Breaker represents great calamity.

> For school category = 5th line represents principal. Subject (Wu, yang fire) controls 5th line (shen, yang metal).
> Tiger resides @ 5th line = Aspect as represented by 5th line would have bloodshed or calamity.

> Offspring @ 5th line also represents students, innocent students were also implicated.

> Moving Wealth line, Zi further clashes Subject = worsening it.
I understand, although Jlim's explanation might lack some details, it's acceptable IMHO.
1. Strictly speaking, I don't think "Ren equals Hai", rather I am more comfortable with "Ren represents Hai or Hai represents Ren".
1a. You're correct, maybe this is some of his techniques to evaluate HSs apart from EBs, so to say he only considers relationships of HS among HSs and EB among EBs.
1b. Same reason in 1a. But this Hai's position obviously worse than Ren, don't you agree?
2. I think this art is about sensing what is right or as close as it should be. Many times the meaning from theory shifts slightly given certain uncontrollable circumstances. In this specific case, I could pick the correct answer which is Kidney, simply by assessing 1. Water is the main issue; Kidney vs Gall Bladder 2. Year Stem and Month Branch mean upper body part; Kidney. I think Jlim just pick a kidney patient's chart and saw some obvious interaction going on and just share to everyone.
3a. Each chart is totally different. "Best" is hard to be described, depending on each areas in our lives. IMHO, we should never reason any theory base on our own chart, it is subject to bias. Anyway I find most charts having trouble rather than blissful journey during half Fu Yin period like what you mentioned.
3b. Agree, partial Fu Yin, IMO.

1. That's your opinion. If both represent each other, then it all the more don't make sense.

1a. What I learnt is the whole pillar and chart is to be taken as a whole. Not stem to stem, not branch to branch.

1b. If Hai equals/represents Ren, then Ren should also feel the effect.

2. Too much grease doesn't make the theory gel with practical.

3a. Just meeting same branch alone is too incredulous to make any useful analysis.

3b. Is there such a thing as "half fu yin"? Or is this Jlim's Mangpai sect's exclusive?
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Hi @y22

Thanks for sharing the fengshui book.
Any good english book for newbie? I interest learning fengshui  :D

If you wish to learn Feng Shui, Bazi, TCM etc. of the Five Arts, check out this book and understand many Chinese culture subjects from its root -
So most celebrities would require those kind of bazi then? ;D Can I ask you when you referred to as their LP is pushed, does it means when the person only have  peach blossom in bazi and then nobleman appears in LP they will become popular too? because i suppose not all peach blossom are noblemen since it really depends on the daymaster?
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