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Pardon me for asking. How is this software different from free chart plotting on the internet?
There is no chinese, only English?

Hello @cls ,

There are many schools of ZWDS and this software is for Flying Star ZWDS--- which aoefengshui Foundation/Advanced/Master Course used. And there is no Chinese version for both software and courses – so far.



aoefengshui Reviews And Ratings / Re: Excelent reading by master Tony.
« on: April 12, 2017, 07:44:39 AM »
Master Tony is not only highly professional, but also amazingly precise in his readings. Highly recommended for those people who need to look into their past and future and be prepared for your destiny. Thanks again master for your incredible knowledge and insight!.

Thanks @griseldarichero

Best of luck in the future.



1. Followed my suggestion, a lady changed her mind and won't get abortion. She sent me a photo of a healthy and cute boy after 5 years and said “You saved him!”

2. Through the accurate date/time selection for a new born baby, she won a big award at local art gallery at the age of six ---- according to the “Pre-Planned” career path in the Arts before birth.

3. Successfully stopped a million dollar investment of my client. The results shows that she would lose all the money and lead to bankruptcy if go ahead.

4. A client said “I don’t have close relationship with my father, and you became my ‘Online Father’ now.”

5. A depressed patient is prepared to end her life after the treatment failure. I detailed analysis of her ZWDS chart and clearly pointed out the Month with good fortune. With hope in mind, she found a new ideal job and began a new life in that month. 

Hello @guhai ,

Please see my comments in Blue.

1. do you have some sample in a business project forecast? the link above only discuss relationship problem. Category 2: Wealth/Business/Investment/Legal Problem.

I do have many cases for business projects. Anyway privacy is one the most important things for a fortuneteller and you would feel the same when you become my client one day. 

for example: i tell all the detail, can you pinpoint or predict it with high accuracy?
because it related with money in it. so it is all about the accuracy...
i know impossible for reach 100%, but i search the master with highest accuracy.

Here is some additional background info for you to consider:

I graduated from the Management School in one the top 3 universities in China. Also had many years business operation experience as a General Manager for a trading company with 70 employees. Doing the fortunetelling business in full time with some stock market investment activities these days.

I traveled around 3 months every year for my business clients in fortunetelling in China, Southeast Asia and Australia. For the big business project, I would stay with my client for around 2 weeks ---- to understand the situation and then to provide my suggestions.

Anyway no one would make a big business decision just from the advice of a Master. I don’t want to give you the over expectation on the role of a fortuneteller. The advice of a Master is just something ---- but not everything for business operations.         

Regarding the accuracy, you might go through my related posts and feedback at this forum.

what i need is:"the big picture of the wind & all potential information of threat & opportunity & event which will occur in that particular year". i need this in detail.

This is one of the main subjects at “aoefengshui ZWDS Advanced Course”. 

once i had good experienced with the prediction, i will of course make long term partnership with the master as my CM adviser team. so i want to know the level of detail of the analysis and how detail? other people sample is fine.

Again for the privacy, I can’t give you the sample straight away. Anyway here is an interesting experience: I was part of a professional blackjack card counting team and my role was to find the best time (including the month/day/hours) for our team members to play. We got the great results and a few Casinos kicked the team members out permanently. What I try to say: A Master can provide the best time for the team member to play, but team member also need to know how to count the card with good money management and good emotional control skills for this business. 

speak the truth i don't mind with the fee of paid service because it can't be compared with the loss of money......

I do understand this and take your time to make this big decision ---- to find the right Master for your business.

2. what about the confidential of the client? in whatever situation, the story, the bazi cannot being discussed in any kind of source (book or web).

The privacy issue in here again and that’s the most important thing for a Master.

3. do you mind if i bring other master project or forecast, then i asks your opinion or your viewpoint. it is like brainstorming of some bazi adviser because i used to and i need different viewpoint and many possibilities events which will occur before making a decision. but please don't worry because me too won't reveal the identity of each master.

Since I started my fortunetelling business, I provided every reading report with the ZWDS reasons behind. I don’t mind showing my reading reports to the other Masters --- if my clients want to. And I also can look at the other ZWDS reports and make my own comments for my clients. 

I just noticed in some zwds calculators the star Tian Fu in the spouse palace also mean 夫妻关系为亲上加亲型态,如亲戚关系,表兄妹,同事。同学,邻居或家居不远。昔日旧识朋友,久别重逢而论及婚嫁.

Any thoughts? is it true or a fake info ?


Hello @flawlesflower ,

Following is from my ZWDS Foundation Course:

......For Marriage

Tian-Fu at Spouse Palace: Spouse nice, gentle, understanding and careful. Good ability at work. The couple might from the similar family background with similar career goals. The marital relations are stable but will feel a bit lonely and lack of the surprises.     

Tian-Fu at Zi-Wu with Wu-Qu

For male chart: Wife is a soft person from outside but with hardness character deep inside. Good performance at work and also can take good care of family. Wife can be a good helper for husband’s career as well.

For female chart: easy to have the arguments and disputes, good communications is very important for better understanding of each other.

Tian-Fu at Chou-Wei

The characters of spouse: Caring and understanding, good looking, good ability at work. The industry for career might relate with colleagues and clients of the opposite sex, such as a male working in a woman fashion shop etc. 

Tian-Fu at Yin-Shen with Zi-Wei

Marriage had its own secret pains which not many people could understand, such as get married due to the benefits of the wealth etc. It’s good if get married later, otherwise it’s easy to have the signs of unsettle and mismatched afterwards.

For male chart: Better to marry with someone who is more than 10 years younger. The characters of the spouse: very efficient with family responsibilities.

For female chart: Better to get married with an older husband. Husband had the good reputation in society and also can take good care of wife.   

Tian-Fu at Mao-You

Spouse is gentle and caring. The relationships between the couple are good and stable.

For male chart: Hard working wife can take good care of both career and family. She also can become a great assistant for the business of husband.

For female chart: Husband has a good career and can help, encourage and understand self all the time. 

Tian-Fu at Chen-Xu with Lian-Zhen  

The couple have the same hobby and also good at socializing. Better to participate the social activities together to reduce the chances of disputes. 

Tian-Fu at Si-Hai 

Later marriage. Wife takes over the power at home.

For male chart: Wife is a caring and can take good care at home with strong abilities.

For female chart: it’s ok if husband and wife at the same age or even wife is a bit older than husband. Husband is a conservative person and not very active. Wife should keep own career going after the marriage. 


aoefengshui (Tony)

Members Lounge / Re: What is your real primary job?
« on: January 14, 2017, 08:26:01 PM »

programmer life is hard ???

Always need to learn something new because Microsoft loves adding new unnecessary things every few years.

Maybe other programming domain is better.

@Administrator ,

Better to be a full time Fortuneteller, you don't need to learn a lot of new things for rest of your life.  :)

Miscellaneous 5 Arts Topics / Re: I Ching based Astrology/Divination
« on: December 30, 2016, 02:25:25 PM »

See my sosweet profile topic. I posted my view for I Ching and ZWDS in my book seminar. It's mp3 record. Kindly offer your take. I would like hearing the sole master view in this great forum.

Hello @sosweet ,

Thanks for your info. Hard to make a comment at different ZWDS Sect. Anyway good luck for everything.

Maybe the other time we can exchange options on other subjects.

Thankyou for your wish.

Sure, and welcome to the Forum --- by the way.

Miscellaneous 5 Arts Topics / Re: I Ching based Astrology/Divination
« on: December 30, 2016, 12:09:08 PM »

See my sosweet profile topic. I posted my view for I Ching and ZWDS in my book seminar. It's mp3 record. Kindly offer your take. I would like hearing the sole master view in this great forum.

Hello @sosweet ,

Thanks for your info. Hard to make a comment at different ZWDS Sect. Anyway good luck for everything.

Miscellaneous 5 Arts Topics / Re: I Ching based Astrology/Divination
« on: December 29, 2016, 04:13:52 PM »
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Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS) 紫微斗数 / Re: Examples of good Hua Ji clash
« on: December 05, 2016, 06:58:31 AM »
Hello @slametbing , @ZhouYu , @Axis, ALL,

For your information:

Hua-Ke & Hua-Ji

1) For “Peach Blossom”: Emotional entanglements, struggling or procrastination. For example: this person would still think about his/her ex even the relationship was broken.

2) For “Career/Wealth”: Suitable for the salaried employee, or work for the industry of Education or Service, or to make the money with own qualifications or talents.



Hi @Stars ,

Thanks for your suggestion. Not at moment but I will keep this in my mind.



Hello @chendera ,

Although some bad signs for your health palace of your zwds chart, such as “life health palace Life Hua-ji + Self Hua-Quan-Ke-Ji”, but the good news is still there ---- “When Decade Self Palace with Life Hua-Quan, all other Self Hua quan/Quan to Opposite at decade level means Quan-in -- which is the good sign.

So the following palaces are all "Quan-In" at your chart:Decade Happiness, Decade Property, Decade Friends, Decade Travel, Decade Health ---- which means you will survive. Cheers up and always be positive, you will make it.

All the Best!

Tony (aoefengshui)

Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS) 紫微斗数 / Re: Q & A for “Peach Blossom”
« on: August 27, 2016, 05:37:22 PM »
@slametbing ,

Q: If Hua Lu/Quan/Ke/Ji at Self Palace and Children Palace Self Hua Lu/Quan/Ke/Ji or at Opposite so what that's meaning?
A: Good sign for Children Palace from life point of view.

Q: Another case at chart (attachment) has vibration Hua Quan and Life Self Sent Hua Ji to Children Palace also Children Palace Self Hua Quan at opposite. AFAIK Tan lang Star also related to Peach Blossom. So this condition is Good or Bad?
A: You can PM me the birth details.

aoefengshui Pre-Sales Questions And Answers / Re: Pre Sales q&A
« on: July 14, 2016, 05:01:46 PM »
Dear Master Tony,

Can you please give me your opinion about this child who born in 5 January 2012 at 22:00, a girl.

thank you

Hello @psabar ,

To settle down her ZWDS chart, not much I can say for a little girl from characters and experience point of view. Anyway due to:

1. Life Hua-ji at the Life Children;
2. “Bing-Geng” combination for Life Self-Palace and Life Travel-Palace;
3. Life Health Flying-Ji into Life Self with Life Hua-Lu & Quan and Self Hua-Lu at the Life-Self.

The health condition is a bit weak and need to pay more attention to the accident.



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