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It is also Albert Einstein's birthday...

Maybe its ironic – Today is National Pi (π) Day and Stephen Hawking passed away...


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@duesouth No method/technique is absolute. Quoting what a master told me in email, there are always theories and case studies to prove any opinion/method “correct”.

@Owlbear Agreed. There is no “correct” or “wrong” way of understanding destiny*, only “preferred” ways which resonate with us. When authors titled their books like “Correct Way of Understanding the Human Destiny”, do they mean all other ways/sects/schools of thought are all “wrong”? 

(edit: *Except for blatantly twisting theory like "half fu yin")

I guess the Mr (All knowing) AoF can take some time to remove this March 1 2018 edit of his original September 18, 2015 post.

I guess it is easier to just globally trash people (when your knowledge and understanding is not up to par) rather than do the Noble thing and just go to the source (Jlim) to get the answer or do the research to understand the issue.

Enjoy you (increased) karma pt.


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This is a Spanish language book. I first heard about it when I first started to learn Wen Wang Gua divination. It has been out of print for years. It is available at reasonable cost from second hand book dealers (check Amazon).

The first part of the book discus the the I Ching. The second part introduces the Wen Wang Gua system.
I have only looked at parts of the second section. From what I have read so far, section two is introduction level. It does give a number of examples to help illustrate topics.

Example from Chapter 54 -  Application of the Elements Generation Law

A person asks about the possibility of making money with a business transaction that he had in hand. The launching of the coins takes place in a month Fire yin and a day Earth yang. The hexagram obtained is 18 "Spoiled"
The first thing that should be taken into account in the interpretation of the data obtained is to see what kind of relationship the Subject's line has with respect to the date (day and month essentially) and to the Other line.

In this example, the Subject's line is in third place and that of the Other in the sixth. The relation of the element of the Subject (Metal) is domination with respect to the element of the Other (Wood) line. When there is a relationship of domination between the Subject and the Other, it is understood that the person has the possibility of achieving their objectives.

But this parameter alone is not enough to determine a forecast. We must see if the Subject receives support or rejection on the part of the cyclic signs (later the Twelve Branches will be included) of the day and the month. For the moment let's analyze only the interactions of the Stems. In the case that concerns us, the day (Earth) generates the Subject (Metal), which is a positive index. On the other hand, the subject of the question is the money that is related to the star Gain (first and third places). The element of these lines is supported by both the day (Earth - its equal) and the month (Fire) that generates the stars Gain.

In spite of all the favorable indications, we must bear in mind that the month (Fire) dominates the Subject (Metal) and weakens it, from which it can be deduced that the gains will not be spectacular.
This generation relationship can also occur between mobile lines. In the previous hexagram, if any of the lines with the star Gain changed to become a line whose element was Fire, it could also be said that the forecast is favorable.

I can not offer a recommendation for the book as I have not read the full book. The parts I have read so far are ok.
If Spanish is a primary or secondary language, it may be worth looking at. If you have the patients, google.translator will do a good job translating.



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