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Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: career/wealth luck in 2018?
« Last post by j27945 on Today at 06:39:08 PM »
Using QMDJ and DMYZJ, mobility sector is pretty negative. It likely to be a local thing for this year.

Business or job. Can i understanding a bit of you background, skills and current profession or what business you intending to go into. ?
Superstitious believer

Does a broken plate by accident could hint to bad luck ?

I got broken plates recently and one time i almost died because of sickness. Last time also broke my plates accidentally. I afraid i will meet another bad luck :(
Based on what i ask. Think you get your answer already … ^ ^
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Hi everyone and the masters here  :)

My name is Mike and I am Indonesian.

I am really curious about Bazi and want to ask your help to analysis mine.

I was born in 9 November 1987, 23.10 (11.10 pm), in Surabaya (east Java).

I wonder at what decade I should pay more attention and more carefull in life.

Thank you in advance for the help.


Mike ;)
Good news!

This baby boy was born inside the best time period:

--- Good wealth luck and healthy, happy in this life;

--- Smart, intelligent, responsive and talented;

--- Good relationship with others, easy going;

--- Generosity, always helpful;

--- Smooth-going and good at planning with comprehensive thinking.

--- Good at study with professional qualifications  ......

Congratulations and Best Wishes!


Good News Again !!!

The baby girl was born inside the best time period.

Congratulations and Best Wishes!

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Its better being employed(work for other) or build your own career(can be service industry example like a fashion designer or beauty or etc — just example) than business(money get money which need capital). The other option is joint venture with others, you are in oprational and the other is investor.

What does it mean when you say operational/ investor? What is the reasoning behind? So what type of careers is suitable for me and what happens if I end up doing something that’s not favourable? Will it have a negative impact?

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That guy is someone with position or power (e.g head of department) Physique is tanned skinned, masculine, bold, clever, and short (below 170 cm)?

Can verify? Feel free to say which part is accurate and not accurate.

I run a gua and i too get a similar infos this guy is clever....not tall...bold and broad over ding at Gen palace.

Where there are good attributes at the guy sat at kong wang...what does that mean?
Just curious why the seller is selling this condo at a lower price than the normal ave price. Is the condo auspicipus?

Health issue. MOney Issue ;D. Sure got Problem...

BUt if you really buy the property do keep us updated... ;D
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