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  • $$$ Reward My Post program
    « on: September 28, 2015, 12:29:37 AM »
    'Reward My Post' program

    Based on member suggestion, a monetarily reward program has been created. From now on, those members who have joined the program, can receive monetary reward from any readers. This program has few intentions, 1) to encourage members posting more content or perform more free birth chart readings, 2) to diversify the source of income so that this forum will be self sustainable 3) to lessen the potential negative impacts for this forum Admin and those perform free birth chart readings via constant donation to charity organizations and temples.

    Example 1, you had provided free birth chart reading for a particular member and that particular querent now (or in the future) be able to send you money.

    Example 2, you had posted some translations and those readers that appreciated your works now can send you monetarily reward.

    How to join Reward My Post program?

    Please see following picture:

    How it works?

    Find post to reward, eg someone helped you in chart reading:

    After you have clicked the red envelope, following screen will appear:

    After you have clicked the Buy Now button, following screen will appear:

    Reward sharing

    Basic principle: The more you post, the higher reward sharing percentage you will get.

    Please check your current post count group like following picture:

    There are 6 groups
    G1-G50 means posted between 1 and 50 posts
    G51-G100 means posted between 51 and 100 posts
    G101-G300 means posted between 101 and 300 posts
    G301-G400 means posted between 301 and 400 posts
    G401-G500 means posted between 401 and 500 posts
    G501++ means posted over 500 posts

    Reward percentage for these 6 group:
    G1-G50 20% of total received
    G51-G100 30% of total received
    G101-G300 40% of total received
    G301-G400 50% of total received
    G401-G500 60% of total received
    G501++ 70% of total received

    You are in group G501++, someone rewarded you USD $100. PayPal processing fee = $5. Total received = $95. You will get 70% of USD $95. I will send the payment to you every month provided total balance at least $10. I will try my best to settle all payable balance within first 14 days of every month.

    Terms and conditions:
    1. This program is based on trust. If you don't trust the program, the admin, or the forum, then please do not join.
    2. The entire process is PayPal based, from money received till money sent to you. If PayPal is not available in your region, then please do not join.
    3. No professional audit/accounting is done on all transactions, the total payable counted by the admin is final. And again, if you don't trust the admin, then please do not join. The querent that sent you reward probably will inform you about the payment and the PayPal transaction id. So, you can perform the checking process on your own.
    4. This program may be ended any time solely base on the admin discretion.
    5. This program may be amended or changed in large scale any time solely base on the admin discretion.
    6. All payable balance is deemed paid if Admin's PayPal account is suspended / closed by PayPal or any third party other than the admin himself.

    Admin personal note:
    What I am trying to do here is to encourage existing members to post more in the forum. And guests to register as member. I sincerely hope that some kind of monetary reward will motivate members here to post and share more. While PayPal is a reliable payment processor, the holder of such account is not immune from sudden closure by PayPal. When this unfortunately thing happens beyond my control, I cannot be faulted for any lost of payable balance, thus the Terms and Conditions #6.

    This is not a full fledged commercial business like your typical telecommunication company. Please do not expect accounting department, audit, bill, statement, phone support, complaint hotline etc. Please do not PM me everyday for example: asking how many payable balance at the moment. The admin will send the money to you instead when you have balance more than USD $10, every month. Like you, the admin got real life job too.

    I hope you can understand how the program works.
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