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Profound Standard / Re: Karma
« on: October 07, 2017, 08:53:00 PM »

What I learned from this article is Karma is the selfless act of work without been attached to the results.

If we do something good but are attached to the results that can incur Karma as well.

@baziindublin sorry but where did you find that Han is not respecting Jlim as I never see that in any comments before @@
and giving respect does not mean you give a verbal word literally.

From what I follow in this forum Han is respecting others and Master Jlim too IMHO. Maybe Han has a bit disagreement in some discussion with your master but it does not mean he disrespect master Jlim :) so please do not make some false accusation about that. there can't be a total black and white.

as it maybe being oot I hope @Administrator to moderating this topic.

@dingray did I get a pm from you to do your chart. I think you said you asked Jlim but Jlim said he was too busy.

Maybe you would like to join his course.  :)

maybe simple question to you, maybe not him??

he has the right to not answer your question. who are you to him?

just relax..

talking respect , why don't you respect him not given his answer.

And han should give Jlim due respect. I have seen Jlim answer a lot of Han's questions on Mangpai on here in the past.

He has learned a lot from Jlim. As a master said to me years ago. There is no point trying to learn bazi from bits and pieces you need to do a course and learn it properly.

So that's what I did and it's a great course for the price.

Jlim has no complaints from any students about his course.

[Hidden post: You need login to forum to see it.]

Hi, @baziindublin,

The course you have been following is

It is stated at the beginning of JLim Mangpai course Manual.

It is also mentioned in the first informative mail.

Thank you

If I am not mistaken, baziindublin,

Both you and @Han have had JLim as a teacher, and he recommended the course.

The difference between you and Han is...

that he can read Chinese and carry on with his studies.

Please don't shoot on the Master...
You could  start learning Chinese, instead.

Maybe we can both learn Chinese together. It would come in handy for learning Mangpai bazi.

Glad to see you have recently joined Jlim Mangpai Course.

I look forward to discussing charts with you on Jlim Mangpai course. :)

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Seeing "other being" lately
« on: October 05, 2017, 04:47:06 AM »
[Hidden post: You need login to forum to see it.]

@Han thank you for your comments. I will ask Jlim why he is only teaching us 30% of Mangpai knowledge.

Maybe he has an advanced course in future... not too sure.

 I have enrolled in the marriage course as well where we learn a lot about the spouse star, timing of marriage, divorce, good and bad marriages, inability to get married, affairs, mistress life etc.

Feng Shui / Re: A Fengshui Story ~
« on: October 05, 2017, 02:15:13 AM »
Mr Wu, a wealthy rice trader lived with his parents in Aberdeen. At the age of 35 he was a prosperous millionaire, drove a Mercedes, had married a beautiful wife who had given him 3 children. All he wanted now was his own house. His wife was overjoyed when he announced his intentions, and confided that he had found a perfect piece of land near the sea. As is the practice in Hong Kong he consulted a Fengshui expert who pronounced the site “excellent”, with prerequisite fengshui formations. The rooms were carefully situated to benefit every member of his family and in the house, he displayed all the symbols of prosperity. Mr Wu was a very happy man.

Trouble started six months later...

Every month of his family became ill. His business floundered, and he himself suffered a near fatal accident. When his youngest son contracted pneumonia and passed away, he was convinced something was terribly wrong with the fengshui of his new house.

Mr Wu invited three fengshui masters in succession to check out the house. Each in turn came, studied the land, the house, the surroundings and pronounced everything perfect.

Relieved, Mr Wu relaxed.

Three months later, his wife fell down the stairs, hit her head and landed in the hospital. Once again, Mr Wu suspected something had be to be wrong with his fengshui.  His business troubles also worsened.

Quite by coincidence, Mr Wu bumped into an old friend to whom he confided his woes. The friend recommended a fengshui master from Taiwan who happened to be in town. “Let me bring him over his evening,” his friend said. By the time the fengshui master, Master Li arrived, it was dark. Mr Wu suggested he stay overnight and check the house the following day.

Early morning the next day Master Li woke up at six. Walking down the beach to get a better view of the house, he was appalled to see that the tide was down and in the sea laid a huge boulder, shaped like a frog with its mouth wide open aimed directly at the house, as if it was feeding from it.

Hurrying back to the house, he collided with Mr Wu. “I think I have found the source of all your problems,” he said with a smile. Pointing to the huge rock in the sea, he said, “Get rid of that. Do it quickly otherwise you could lose your whole family.”

It did not take long to remove the rock. Mr Wu at last understood why the other fengshui masters had missed the malevolent frog boulder lying in the sea, hidden by high tides. After solving the mystery, Mr Wu’s wife and business quickly recovered.

See how this frog formation with its mouth wide open caused calamities for the owner of house.

The Mandalay Bay hotel has the formation of snake with its mouth wide open.

Thanks for your researches.....they come in handy. :)

Hi baziindublin
Tks for the reply.
How long have you learn from Jlim? at what level?
So Han's teacher is who?

@Remoteviewer I have been learning Mangpai bazi for over a year now. Are you interested in learning? It's a great course. Takes a while to absorb all information in the Manual but then you can put up charts on the student forum and ask questions. After that like anything you learn its practise, practise, practise.

Are there other mang pai teacher other than jlim? Seem like han and  baziindublin have different sifu.

Yes JLim is my teacher and teacher to many students all over the world.

@Han if 7k attack DM would that not indicate DM was attacked? Not the other way around.
Ask your teacher.

Si has a dual nature. When fire is strong in natal chart it can overcome metal.
In Lp Ji-You and AP Ding-You
Si-You ban-he.
Si changed its nature to metal.
You missed to see Yin+Si.

Bing on stem would be transformed by Ji in Lp.
Gui enter Tomb. HS Bing 7K lose control. Indicate terrible things to DM Geng.

Happen also Bing+Xin combine in HS.
HS Xin is the leader of EB You metal. HS indicate intention, EB will follow. Thus the body Si fire plus Yin wood follow HS Bing lead to subdue You metal.

Thank you Han. I didn't ask my teacher as I know my teacher will only analyse charts in class with four pillars not three as he said it's impossible to get an accurate reading without the hour pillar.
I'm glad I am learning about Mangpai bazi the correct way from my teacher. If you do not wish for me to ask questions on your chart analysis in future please let me know.

Thank you.



From a fengshui point of view the shape of the Mandalay Bay Hotel looks like the mouth of a snake or Y shaped.
In form fengshui this is inauspicious. It can cause death to people in the vicinity.

Mind enlightening me how do you see "Y" shape as a snake? And not other animals like worm, dragon?

In Vaastu the ancient science of home building a Y shape is referred to a snake's mouth. Worms don't bite and dragon's have humps on their back and exhale fire.

Thus cannot deduce this BaZi as DM kill but can only deduce as DM cannot control self, made error decision, bad things happen, not just for DM but also effected to other people (You metal RW).

True, there is no "murderer charts" but charts pointing to signs of aggressiveness, lack of self-control, mental illness, etc.

@ArtofFugue what are you on about. There is no murderer charts? Have you not seen the news? Stephen Paddock went on a killing spree and killed over 40 people and injured 400. He is a murderer. We also have serial killer charts.
Yes I know thousands of people may have the same bazi chart but this DM with this chart did kill. Not manslaughter but premeditated murder.

Fengshui may add to the cause and effect of a chart too or past Karma. Not everyone with a mental illness, lack of self control or aggressiveness will kill. I don't think he had a mental illness as someone with a mental illness would not have been able to plan or carry out this act with this level of precision. Something like this attack would have to be planned in advance maybe for months or a year.

Maybe he was a patsy and was set up. His brother said he couldn't do something like this so will have to follow the investigation.
Will have to look at chart again for that info. Strong Jie-Cai or Yang-Ren can indicate other people as well. Many things can be deciphered from a bazi chart. 


A Y shape road enclosing the concert site as well....


From a fengshui point of view the shape of the Mandalay Bay Hotel looks like the mouth of a snake or Y shaped.
In form fengshui this is inauspicious. It can cause death to people in the vicinity.

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