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Date Selection / Re: DGDS 2023 (Jan - Dec)
« on: February 27, 2023, 09:11:14 AM »
TQVM for your effort and all the hardwork.


Wanted to help this boy but don’t know how? Pls help.

   Male born in Malaysia 28 Jun 1986 (07:57PM)

1.   He has parents who constantly quarrels and a mom who likes threatening to throwing all her young kids out of the window and jumping down herself. When the kids are in their teens she likes running away from home making the children frantic going in search for her. The whole family, except for his father and youngest brother, went into depression and falls dependent on medication.
2.   His siblings are all married with kids of their own and lived elsewhere.
3.   He is single and living with his aged parents who had never stop their lifetime hobby of quarrelling.
4.   Few years back he quit his stressful job and help out in his parents’ hawker stall.
5.   In mid of year 2017 he was seriously ill with TB. He went through the intensive treatment regimen for the few months.
6.   After full recovery he took over his parents’ business and initiated tie-up with food delivery services of his hawker food.
7.   His business is doing well and managed to survive through the past 18 months of intermittent lockdowns in Malaysia.
8.   Lately he was under a lot of stress from the supply chain to his business (some closing down, late and/or no stock delivery) causing him to running around seeking alternatives.
9.   A week ago, he dumped the business and walked out, under immersed stress from work and at home (at verge of a nervous breakdown).
10.   According to him, his main life focus is: being the eldest son, it is his full responsibility to take care of his old folks and the stigma from his past bad health (depression & TB) he has made it a point not to socialize or get married, coz he feels that he can die anytime.

My concern is how is he going to live the rest of his life after his parents are gone. I had indicated my willingness to invest in his business, should he want to expand it (he feels economic timing is not good now). His siblings and friends had tried introducing girls to him but he turned down all of them coz he doesn’t want to make them a widow. I have suggested for him to embrace some faith (be it Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity) but he don’t believe in any of them, he only believes in himself. The BIG PROBLEM is, I don’t think he is STRONG in believing in himself. His future looks bleak.

Thank you Ren and Jovan for your inputs.

Warmest regards,

Hi ren,

Thank you very much for your advice and the Chinese face reading (Mian Xiang) ebook written by Patrician McCarthy. I shall try to broaden my knowledge on this subject.

Warmest regards,

Hi ren,

Thanks for your response.
Read it from JY's Mian Xiang - Discover Face Reading, page as per attached:

Very curious to know which art of metaphysics can help to enlighten the probable/forthcoming event from a little girl's constricted left ear?

Hi Jovan,

I would appreciate your guidance in this case.  The photo shown is her left ear.

Thanks Jovan for your attention,

It is the left ear.

Dear face reading forummers,

Is it possible to pin point the event that will happen to this little girl when she approaches that age (of 8 or 9-years old)?
What can we do for her (now at age 4 yrs) to avoid such happening?

Best regards,

Hi Jovan,

Our heartfelt gratitude to you and to the person who prompted you in giving us such an in-depth reading of our case. We too, have the gut feeling of the slim chance of getting the money back. Rather than spending good money to chase after bad as well as to reserve our time and energy in getting more business, we have decided not to pursue the matter. With the QMDJ reading, we can firmly rest our case now.

Thank you very much and best regards,

P.S. Sorry, I had reposted my QMDJ request separately this morning as I thought I had posted in a wrong thread since without response.

When will my son gets back his ex-office rental deposit?
My year: Gui Si
My son’s year: Yi Chou
Asked at Singapore, 17 April 2021 @ 10:13 am

Re: When and how can my son get back his office rental deposit of $6,000?

Sorry for the omitted info below:

Time ask: Singapore 01:50:38 PM 14Apr

My year zodiac - Snake; son's year zodiac - Ox

Best regards,

When and how can my son get back his office rental deposit of $6,000?

My Year – Gui & my son’s year – Yi.

His business of serving the hotel industry, was badly affected since last year. He has to shrink his manpower and approached the landlord for reduction of rental. The landlord turned down his request but agree for him to get a replacement tenant. My son’s agent managed to get the replacement tenant but the landlord rejected as he wanted it at a jacked-up rental. The kind agent has tried very hard (at a time just after loosening of the circuit breaker) and managed to get another tenant to take over the tenancy at a higher rental. After all the formalities done, the landlord refused to return the deposit. My son engaged a lawyer to demand for the refund as well as made a police report on it (as advised by the lawyer). Few months have passed and my son has been very busy with his balance of 2 staff resuscitating the business at a small office.

I sincerely hope QMDJ practitioners here can help to determine when and how we can get back the deposit.

Best regards,

Hi Rainmaster, fyi he is my son.

I sincerely thank you very very much for your interest, effort and advice on this matter.

Wishing you a great year 2021 ahead.

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