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  • 《六壬大全》研究
    « on: October 24, 2016, 03:50:19 AM »
    This dissertation looks very interesting, unfortunately i can't read Chinese. ;D Maybe someone will find it useful though.
    《六壬大全》研究 A Study of A Complete Collection of Liu Ren by Lai Shih-Ju.

    Liu Ren(六壬) is one of Chinese divination methods. It has various origins in Chinese history. It is referred to in “Jing Ji Zhi” of Sui Shu(《隋書‧經籍志》), which lists plenty of text associated with Liu Ren. This thesis , on the basis of Quo Zai-lai(郭載騋), aims to give an overall introduction of relevant collections of Lui Ren and to shed light on the value of A Complete Collection of Liu Ren.(《六壬大全》)

    Chapter One contains my research motivation, a brief introduction of the scope of my research, the specific version implied in my study, relevant reviews, as well as my research approach.
    Chapter Two illustrates Liu Ren’s historical background, its theoretical formation and the mechanics of its application. Also included in this chapter is a list of basic elements, such as The Four Classes (四課), The Three Transmissions (三傳), The Heavenly Disc (天盤), The Earthly Disc (地盤), and The Twelve Tian Jiang (十二天將).

    Chapter Three, based on A Complete Collection of Liu Ren, depicts the constituents of The Three Transmissions and introduces The Twelve Yue Jiang (十二月將) and The Twelve Tian Jiang. The symbolic meanings and applications in divination are also discussed.
    Chapter Four points out the essential judgmental principles in A Complete Collection of Liu Ren. In addition, the transformation and categorization of the contents in Ke Jing (《課經》) are indicated, and the analyses of Bi Fa Fu (《畢法賦》) are stated.
    The final chapter concludes with an evaluation of A Complete Collection of Liu Ren and suggestions for further study.






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