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  • How to set up a blog content plan
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    In the early blogs were unpretentiously written by people who wanted to share a little of their worldview with their peers. Closely associated with teenagers, the old weblogs were seen as a space for individual expression in the midst of a universe taken over by chats and discussion forums. The content production was carried out in an amateur way , without any kind of planning by the authors. In the corporate universe , the use of “official” blogs by companies took a long time, as most of them did not believe that this was a space for the professional performance of a brand. The scenario has changed a lot in the last decade.

     Index The Importance of Blogs for Businesses What is content planning Blogs without content planning Benefits of blog content planning How to do content planning? Definition of brand objectives Platform to be used for the Blog Facebook, Instagram and Twitter DB to Data LinkedIn own website O blog e o marketing digital Persona Sales Funnel SEO and keywords The importance of posting quality content Creating content for your blog We recommend for you: The Importance of Blogs for Businesses With the introduction of social networks and the mass adherence of consumers to virtual media, the corporate digital presence has become essential to the market.

    Companies that do not adhere to digital media or that do so in a thoughtless way suffer from the strategies imposed by structured competition. It is about the adherence of brands to digital marketing . Digital marketing is an omnipresent expression in discussions about increasing the consumer base , leveraging sales  and public engagement with the brand. Although some companies are still reticent, it is widely accepted in the corporate universe that one of the most efficient digital marketing strategies is through the production of quality content . This is the greatest use of blogs.



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