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Here's a question all might be interested.  what's the perspective of QMDJ on the economy of the usa? in regards to people going back to work and getting back to norm? Many are still in lockdown and can't find work. Lots of hardships for folks. Will things get better soon or more years of suffering?

are you not reading? I said it. Vowels.   a e i o u sounds.  don't be adding stuff that isn't talk about. i mention nothing of elements.

Liu Yao Yi Gua (LYYG) / Re: New book about WWG
« on: April 12, 2021, 04:12:23 AM »
author better fix the 250 price on amazon. he's losing customers. lol.

@jl   it's not a waste of money. you got info and found out not to your liking. 10 bucks is cheap lesson compared to other books out there. Let alone the $250 price listed for the paperback.  maybe you can watch his youtube videos to help understand better. he kinda relabel terminologies so that might confuse people.  So you save yourself $240 bucks. lol

One could of consulted the i ching if one should buy this book. but than again one don't know how to consult if one didn't get this book. haha. catch 22.    just joking.

the reasoning for the more vowels is due to the frequency sound. it's more soothing and vibration attracts good things. more consonants is more harder sound and harsh not melody like vowels. 

It's an energy attracting principle.  certain sound vibrate good energy. And names have sound vibration.

If you go by western name approach. They go after vowels. The more vowels you have the better. It's due to the resonance of vowels vibration.  There are many actor/actress who change their names to have more vowels. they then get more opportunity or after changing their names, they start getting successful.  Just changing the spelling of the same name to have more vowels can help too. Atleast that's the western approach of choosing name to help one's success.

Everyone gets betrayed in their life. It's really hard to find someone who never been betrayed. Not just in partner relationship but in any kind of relationships. business, friends, etc..

In terms of partner cheating.  You can't prevent it. If they gonna do it , they gonna do it. It is just a matter of screening people in your life. There are usually body language signs that tells you if they are untrustworthy. It also comes to beliefs and strong will to not get influence by emotions. Usually desires of emotions get people to waver and act on it. There are always signs ahead of time if someone will cheat.  Cheating always is usually preplanned or they find ways to put themselves in cheating opportunity. There is no such thing as accident cheating.

best advice is to work on social skills , persuasion, people skills.  Chart won't get you someone. Your human actions will.  You are the salesman to yourself. If you can't sell yourself then you won't be bought by the partner.

Also, nothing wrong with being single. It might be the best if others cause more headache in life. Not everyone deserve another person. Or shall i say, not everyone in same page in relationships. Some people can't treat others right. That's why tons of divorces.

Si Zhu Ba Zi (SZBZ) 四柱八字 / Re: Low quality day pillar
« on: March 20, 2021, 12:55:33 PM »
It don't matter what day pillar is. don't believe such BS.  what matters is how all the pillars interact and help each other. day pillar alone as conclusion is false interpretation of amature wannabe.  Pro's don't make conclusion of one pillar without other pillars in consideration. Use common sense.  One day  pillar cannot represent anyone. 

Also, gui as the element of day master represent intelligence and wisdom. If they get depress it won't be for long. Water flows, change, and are flexible. They will not stay in one state too long. They are fast learner.  I know , i'm water and know many water element people.

It's not hard at all when you know the instruction and process of how the mind works which nlp teaches.

Just like bazi or feng shui, proper education makes it easy.

Do a nlp search on amazon and you get tons of book list with different flavors of presentation.  Lots to choose from. some good some not. =o)     'get the life you want ' by richard bandler is probably a good start. He's the co-creator of nlp system.

Ellipsis manual by chase hughes is a good one for behavior /influence learning so that you see behind people's mask using body language and their beliefs. It's a little bit of everything in many fields of communication.

You don't need approval from anyone , not even from your family or parents. Do good for yourself. Do what is better for your life.

Monks won't criticize her because she's the customer. No practitioner will criticize the person that pays for the service.

Personality can change as it's patterns of one's thinking ,feeling, and behavior. But the core character essence of person won't change. Change one's belief and it will affect one's thoughts, feelings and behavior.   

Go study NLP which is basically what tony robbins does (suggested by gmuli) if you want to learn how to change one's behaviors, feelings and thinking.  He just don't use the nlp terminology. Right now, from what you tell us, You've been hypnotized by your negative parents , hence, why negative mindset.   

Basically , i see communication issues or relating issues.  That's usually the case when it involve others.

Feng Shui / Re: bed sitting/facing direction
« on: March 01, 2021, 01:29:30 AM »
There's like 130 chapters and sub chapters for bright mirror.  each chapters are like a page or 2. It covers like 430 pages if you have actual book.   The book have chinese writing of it too and some side notes from author. That's why it took more pages. These are literal translation so you still have to figure out it's meaning. lol.

Yes chapters are not long.  It's hard to learn just chapter alone due to how it's organized. INfo depend on previous info.

Feng Shui / Re: bed sitting/facing direction
« on: February 27, 2021, 02:12:58 PM »
I bought the paperback when it first came out. Makes a good learning when you have everything in  your hands sometimes.  browsing digital is kinda slow down learning. sometimes one just have to flip pages.  scan, jump pages. etc...

Having actual book kinda make learning fun sometimes cuz you can  see the organization and jump around topics, skimming, skittering, photoreading turning pages etc.. sometimes it's faster to browse through books than digital format.

I like to have books in hand when they are instructional or reference type.

Yup. the old forum was cool with lots of resources. Lots of stuff lost too when owner decided to shut it down moving on with his life.

Feng Shui / Re: bed sitting/facing direction
« on: February 27, 2021, 02:32:40 AM »
head point toward NW.  if you go further into advance 8 mansion there is further degree distinction of compass direction for person. NW is too broad being 45degree.   The advance theory using na jia  break it down further into lesser degrees to further fine tuning.

Bright mirror is a reference to a thorough 8 mansion feng shui book that is often used for studying 8 mansion. terrance chan made it accesible to english readers with translated version of it. It's out of print now. of course you can find digital ones somewhere.

Feng Shui / Re: bed sitting/facing direction
« on: February 26, 2021, 01:08:58 PM »
It's not the bed. It's the head of person. when you lie down whichever direction of head points toward, that is the facing direction.  bed don't matter.  Your position does.

I have a client who can't move the bed due to layout of room. There's only one choice of bed layout.  He was having issues with that bed direction. so i told him sleep upside down. That is in alignment with his good directions.  He's problem of can't sleep is solved and he feels more energetic. Matter is how energy affects you. Changing person's position is what matters.  As your affecting one's energy.  Feng shui is about affecting person's energy and that has to do with the person not the bed.  Some people can have a bed face north but if they sleep sideways than it's no long north. 

Use common logic. Theory of feng shui says position of person , that's what matters.  It don't say good bed directions. Its says good direction for you. Too many don't see the obvious. Bed position is to position person's direction , not about bed position as your working on affecting self. It's not about affecting the bed.  LOL

Also, you don't get direction while standing or sitting on bed. why? Because your sleeping on bed all night lying down, not sitting or standing.  That's common sense logic too.  Your affecting energy when lying down , not when sitting up. So the application has to be when y our lying down.  Feet is sitting and Head is facing when lying down.

Request for divination [FREE] / Re: Need advice in financial matters
« on: February 24, 2021, 02:03:56 AM »
be discipline and learn finance knowledge or money management.  NEVER ask on a forum about gambling the stocks or finance investment without background knowledge or a site that don't deal with finance professional group as career. Never let others be in control of your personal finance blindly.

Finance is one thing that you have to learn to be personally responsible. do not let others take charge of highly influence of your finance matters as that's high risk of losing all. No one knows what's best but you. Letting others decide is like taking a chance to get hit by lightning or winning lottery.

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