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Needle & Heat / Re: Bazi Needling
« on: April 12, 2018, 01:13:57 PM »

Is it painful when the needle goes in?

no correct answers so far


lol thanks.. i hope u set a time to reveal the answers.. i cannot see a master will take there precious time to prove that quiz for you because it has been a week already.

but i do hope there will be a master will take a quizz 4. but i doubt it. 

anyway thanks for quiz.. cant wait for the answer.

hihihi as I distracted by art review i totally forgot posting my guessing #5. I blame art for the delay


i dont know what to say anymore.. just let be coco.. dont holding something small thing and make it big. are u the author of this book?? then i would understand why but i dont see why ????

i rather u give the answer for the quiz 4.. because it seems like no body answering that quizz..

i hope u read that book and translated for us.. i will more appreciated and thanks

#4 guessing is the acid test for masters.


my issue is he reviewed books that he never actually read, understand and use

@coco. u r talking about apple and orange...

novels.. if u read novel first times take you one month then read second times it will take 3 weeks.  if read again it will take 2 weeks.. then if keep reread again same novel again.. it u just glance through it.. i hope u get my points.

i dont come to point u r is not big fuss.. why are u make a big deal..

reading a novel is a piece of cake. just words. the story line more or less expected. reading this zwds book you need WORKOUT you need plot the chart do the flying. check stars refer to definition again again. it's IMPOSSIBLE he did these under 14 days. yet he has the audacity label this book beginner, nothing new to offer

@coco,  sorry i still rather believe @ArtofFugue , i still believe his knowledge . he has great experience with zwds .  some people can go through the book in one day if only basic .   i believe art pro to master level. 

coco.. i hope dont  try cause trouble with artofgue. he has the right to review the book..

hihihi you are good but insincere friend. this is a study book not some harry potter fantasy novels. even Im doubtful you can finish 1300+ pages harry potter novel under 2 weeks

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone   223 pages
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets   251 pages
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban   317 pages
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire   636 pages

are you sure bazi nayin is same with zwds nayin?

[Hidden post: You need login to forum to see it.]

I was the one posted this book in March 28, 2018 here. Today April 8 @ArtofFugue posted his review. Seriously do you believe @ArtofFugue can finish this 1300+ pages tome under 2 weeks and understood the content inside?

I think it takes years to understand this book content. @ArtofFugue gotcha!


@ArtofFugue too many things I want to say. First thing first. If someone able to read english and mandarin, like @wellhandy , do you thing this book is better than YM Lim's trilogy - Empyrean Matrix, Prosperity Sigma, Hidden Laws? Put it bluntly will this book nuke YM LIM books out of Indian Ocean?

Let's see how honest is this @ArtofFugue

Tai Yi Shen Shu (TYSS) / Re: The 16 Deities of Tai Yi Divination
« on: April 08, 2018, 03:53:47 AM »
@ArtofFugue mind to tell us what is this Tai Yi divination?

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