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Without the exact birth time, it won't be possible to give an accurate reading.

Your Output elements are Fire, which you will encounter from 2025 to 2027. In the meantime, the financial situation will be more or less the same as currently.

Meeting a suitable partner is more likely in 2030. Until then, I don't see much chance of marriage taking place.


This year is friendlier to you and more enjoyable. Be aware next year's Mao Hurting Officer is reinforced by Gui Water and will adversely affect your relationships with bosses and people in general. You will also find yourself putting in more time and effort at work.

The abundant 7K in your chart and phase helps with operational, execution-based roles. Networking and influencing people require more tact and soft skills. If you move into a PR role, you will have to curb your reactionary temper and exercise more patience.

Hi deep autumn,

4:30 - 5:30pm covers two different Hour pillars. Do you have the exact timing? Also provide your birth city so I can check for true solar time.

Migration is unlikely in the current phase, but quite possible in the upcoming period 2029-38. But I agree, you need to move away from your birth family due to inherent clash between you and them. If you can't migrate elsewhere, at least stay some place else and minimize contact with them.

Countries with easy migration aren't worthwhile, while great places have strict immigration laws.

Seeing the abundance of Wealth elements in your chart, I reckon you desire doing business and/or speculate financially. However, your Output element is quite weak, making it hard for you to find the right ways to make money in this manner. The years 2009-18 are not favorable for you too. Without Direct Resource to protect you from harm, you can get into pretty big trouble financially.

Did you meet someone in 2020 or 2021? It looks like you will marry late in life.

Hi Weijian,

Due to the abundant Earth weakening your DM, Earth is not considered your favorable element.

Since you're already doing post-grad in finance, it's wiser to work in this field.

You can accomplish quite a lot after the age of 40. Before that, you'll need to apply yourself diligently.

Can you provide your birth city as well, I'll need it to determine true solar time of birth. The Hour pillar might be different.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: New Journey after 40
« on: October 03, 2022, 03:45:29 AM »
Hi Bigbird,

I think you should be aware that the phase starting in 2037 can be quite harsh. Your DM's mortal enemy Xu (7K) appears in the Stem and Zi (Rob Wealth) is in the Branch. While Zi helps to add some strength to your Daymaster, both elements come with more bad than good. This can make circumstances rather difficult for you if you decide that business is not suitable and wish to return to corporate. Chances are, a return at that point would be high unlikely.

As you are nearing retirement in that phase, any decision you make going forward will have a far-reaching impact. Although it's nice to feel encouraged to pursue our dreams, we still have to look at the big picture and decide if the consequences are worthwhile.

Perhaps it's advisable to utilize the upcoming phase in a stable employment and save up a cushy nest egg in preparation for rainy days ahead. Even when a hiccup occurs in the Xu-Zi phase, you still have adequate resources to fall back on. Being in business in a 7K period is no cake-walk, it's like trying to cross the ocean in a raft. Try to recall your early 20s. Many people seek BaZi advice in a 7K or HO period, that tells us something.

Ji-Chou are both Earth elements that sap energy from the Fire (Wealth) and grow your Metal (Resources). In other words, your Wealth elements will be in a Resting state, neither good nor bad. It can be interpreted that your income in the phase is stable. I suggest you consider carefully before making any major move.

All the best to you and your family.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Starting again at 44
« on: September 30, 2022, 04:56:35 AM »
With the presence of Peer/RW elements in Stems and Branches, while lacking support from the season, I think your Daymaster is quite balanced. With abundant Wealth elements, it seems your mind is thinking of money most of the time.

The dichotomy between Direct and Indirect Wealth creates a sort of inner conflict within you. A part of you is risk-adverse and needs a stable source of income to feel proper, and on the other hand, you also have the desire to play it big and build a business of your own.

One needs the Daymaster on the stronger side in order to realize the Wealth elements. In the current Ren-Shen phase, you are moving into the latter part when Shen Metal element is more prominent, thereby weakening your Wood DM. Although 2022 and 2023 have Water and Wood that add some strength, you still lack Fire (Output) elements. Although you will encounter Fire in 2025-27, the DM is too weak at this point to grow the Fire and take advantage.

Think of Output elements as the means to materialize the Wealth. Without Output as transition, your reinforced Wood DM directly clashes with the Wealth elements, pinning them dead. As you've mentioned, you lack the ideas to make things happen. Perhaps you also lack motivation and drive due to no Fire.

Furthermore, Yin Mao (Peer & Rob Wealth) have fallen in Void within the Day Pillar. This means you likely lack the networking capability necessary to make sales a success.

My advice is consider another career besides insurance sales. The next phase Gui-Mao are similar elements to the current one. It's a Catch-22 situation. When your DM is stronger, you lack Fire. When you encounter Fire, your DM gets buried by the abundant Earth and becomes weak again.

If you choose a more stable employment, you can enjoy some benefits from the phases making your life relatively smooth and peaceful. I think you'll be able to prepare adequately for retirement this way.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: New Journey after 40
« on: September 29, 2022, 09:45:36 PM »
A supportive season (month) holds the most weight when checking the strength of the Daymaster, followed by presence of Peer or Rob Wealth elements in Stems and Branches. Yes, my opinion is that your DM is on the weaker side, despite the Resource elements available.

Regarding the possibility of one day owning a business, frankly I don't think it's going to work out in your favor. The key issue I see is that Wu Wei (Wealth elements) have fallen in Emptiness/void in your life's phases. This means you will experience difficulties managing and retaining money if you were to strike out on your own. You will do way better continuing with the corporate career and can be comfortable in retirement.

The next phase has Chou in the Stem which is the Vault for your Resource elements. Good thing is that this Vault will be exposed and therefore reinforce your Resource elements, indirectly making your DM somewhat stronger. The phase is important as it determines what your mind is most preoccupied with during this period, and how the macro events move. As your DM is made stronger, the Direct Officer elements will be in your favor. You'll likely be quite concerned with attaining a higher position in your career and there will be some success. Earth is also what your chart lacks for completeness.

I hope you don't see a corporate career as a bad thing, especially with children and a mortgage in tow. Starting a business will expose your family and yourself to plenty of risks. And it will be very difficult to return to corporate when things don't work out at an advanced age. I would strongly advise caution and balance here.

It is still possible for you to have a business if you partner with stronger and compatible Daymasters. But I think it's better for you to retain the day job. Do communicate with your wife on this matter. Certain things can't be forced and this is one of them.

I am actually very concerned, even somewhat appalled by what you've posted here. But I'm still glad you revealed yourself quite thoroughly, as I was hesitating whether to divulge more on the later years of your life. Perhaps you can take something from here for a self-reflection, or ignore it entirely. But you can't say nobody ever told you this before.

Yes, it's true you have a couple of good phases coming up. But nobody's favorable phases run the entire span of a lifetime. With rise, comes fall. We cannot escape nature's laws.

Your chart does not have any Wealth Vault, meaning there is no guarantee that you are able to preserve the money after you turn 51. It's not so easy as assuming that you can simply put the money in real estate, T-bills, or some safe assets, and things will be alright. Phases indicate whether circumstances outside your control are for you or against. The phase starting age 51 isn't pretty at all.

With Rob Wealth element clashing with Direct Wealth, it's very unlikely you can hold on to the money, if any. Besides losing money, most probably you will lose your wife or partner too. Your chart speaks very clearly of infidelity in marriage.

I can tell that you place the utmost importance on a stable income and a whole family. Have a think if your current attitude and desires will help you or harm you. All actions have consequences, just a matter of when.

With strong Hurting Officers in the chart and the future phases also lending strength to them, there's also a high chance you're going to encounter lawsuits or run afoul of the law. It doesn't matter which phase or year I'm referring to. Because there's no way we can "game" nature's laws and simply avoid indulging in wickedness in bad years. You indulge in good years and things will blow up in the bad years as a result.

The Hurting Officers also indicate you enjoy showing off and represent a low affinity with offspring.

I strongly suggest you reflect on what are healthy and unhealthy desires. There's really nothing to be proud of when you make some money and lost it all in old age, while your family is no longer by your side.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Lost on Career/second opinion
« on: September 28, 2022, 02:05:58 AM »
Sorry, I'm not commenting on this as I feel it's not helpful to you at this point of time.

You already have quite a bit to tackle in the meantime. I suggest that you focus more on stabilizing your career and getting through the current phase. Adding more worries to the plate is not beneficial.

Your daughter's Daymaster is definitely not weak as the month of Xu grows her DM. The season of the month holds a lot of weight that decides whether the Daymaster is strong or weak. If the season supports the DM, it cannot be weak unless the month clashes with other elements. There is another Shen Metal in the Year Pillar that also lends her strength. I can safely say her Daymaster is between balanced and slightly strong.

Her phases until her sixties are mostly favorable that helps to grow her Daymaster. Although the Fire is rather abundant in the chart and she lacks Water elements, I still believe her DM is able to hold its own. When she encounters Water elements in the phases or years, the Direct Wealth elements can easily be materialized. Frankly, she has quite a good life ahead of her.

What I'm more concerned is your relationship with her. I'm assuming you're the mother? From what I see in the chart, it seems both of you have quite a turbulent relationship.

Well, I always suspected substance abuse to be a coping mechanism due to the imbalance of the 5 elements. This might be true in your case, although I can't prove the link. Sometimes, people do drugs, alcohol for many years and when they enter  a good phase, they got cleaned up. There's a bright future ahead of you and hopefully it will be the same in your case. Having a good chart and phases doesn't mean the person gets to do whatever he/she wants. Please don't tempt fate. All the luck in the world can't save one who plays Russian roulette a few times more.

In the upcoming years before the next phase of 2027, I don't see very big problems other than the ones you're already facing. 2023 should be relatively peaceful, you might be able to gain a helping hand from your friends. In 2024, do watch out for unexpected expenses and losses. Money is going to be an issue again. In 2025 and 2026, it's best to keep your ego in check, as disagreements with authority figures, bosses and other people in general will arise. Interpersonal relationships likely will take a hit. If you detect unfriendly behavior from others, try to de-escalate the situation or avoid confrontations totally. Remember that outcomes most probably won't turn out in your favor during this period.

Whether the problems will compound year by year, it depends. Let's say someone commits a crime and nobody finds out. It can be a long time later, when he gets to an unfavorable year and his past comes back to haunt him. So it is possible your past and present actions may not have an immediate effect, then suddenly blow up in the next few years.

People sometimes do drastic things in an attempt to correct the imbalance they're feeling. It's great you've come in contact with astrology and have a better understanding of your life. I think many people don't understand that success can't be "willed" to happen, although many successful people say so. When we look at their astrological profiles, their charts and phases speak quite clearly of their rise and fall.

In the meantime, I suggest you don't start another business. Try to make a living with more conventional ways. When it comes to your favorable phase, circumstances will push you in the right direction. The right people and ideas will come to you.

But as a word of caution, do understand that Wealth elements clash with Resource elements. These Resource elements are meant to protect you and keep you safe from harm. When one materializes the Wealth elements, the Resources become dead in the water. That's when really big problems will arise. Often wealthy people get embroiled in lawsuits, suffer bodily harm or experience some disaster befalling their family.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Lost on Career/second opinion
« on: September 27, 2022, 12:23:48 AM »
Hi hopscotch, thanks for the reply. Do understand that what I'm writing here is one person's opinion. It might contradict others and perhaps I'm entirely wrong.

According to the birthplace and recorded time, the true solar time of birth is 18 Jul 1996 23:26. Having seen your replies, my opinion is that your Daymaster is Ding Fire. This is significant as it changes how all other elements relate to you and the reading will be entirely different.

年 月 日 时
劫 枭 女 财
丙 乙 丁 庚
子 未 巳 子

杀 食 劫 杀

Overall, I would say your Daymaster is relatively balanced. However, the current phase Ren-Chen (2020-29) forms a Bing-Ren clash in the chart, thereby weakening your Daymaster. Furthermore, this phase is known as "Hurting Officer meets Direct Officer". You will probably encounter problems with authority figures and bosses in general, as well as difficult interpersonal relationships.

With the presence of two 7-killings, you should be capable of doing well in operations, or any kind of job that's execution-based. The Rob Wealth elements show you have a high EQ and can easily recognize what other people need. Together with Eating God and Direct Wealth elements, you can also perform in client-facing roles like sales and marketing.

Once you get over this phase, the next one will be much better for you. Fret not, things won't get out of hand as your chart doesn't lack elements and you're well-equipped to deal with challenges. See this as a phase to build your character in anticipation of future successes. In fact, the next 2 phases will make your DM much stronger and you can make above average income.

After checking for true solar time based on recorded time and location, your actual birth time is 14:53 which is Gui-Wei Hour Pillar. You might want to look at sites that takes into account geographical coordinates and true solar time.

Regarding longevity, I don't think any practitioner is willing to disclose this to anyone. But suffice to say, you don't have anything to worry about for quite some time and your lifespan seems longer than average. Health-wise, you will need to take good care of your respiratory and digestive systems. These are where you'll likely encounter problems after middle age.

Family is of utmost importance and you care for family members very much. Money is also on your mind most of the time. You desire a stable income and get quite stressed without it. At the same time, you also wish to do something grand with your life.

The issue now is that your Daymaster Yi Wood is quite weak and the current phase of Xin-Chou (2017-26) continues to weaken it. Chou is your Indirect Wealth element, you're trying to make money from unconventional methods in this phase but success is hard to come by. Good news is that the next 2 phases of Ren-Yin and Gui-Mao strengthens your Daymaster and are highly favorable. You can achieve quite a lot in these 20 years of 2027-2046.

With these phases making your Daymaster strong, you will be able to materialize the 3 Wealth elements (plus 1 more in hidden stem) within your chart. But you must be prepared to work very hard for it, as indicated by the Hurting Officers.

[Hidden post: You need login to forum to see it.]

Thanks again for your reply, Leonard! I did have a tendency to be extremely individualist and not much of a team player in my previous workplace as it was a very competitive and survival driven environment, but after moving to a more peaceful and collaborative environment, I am now working on it and trying to care more and be more considerate towards other people. I am also greatly interested in charity works and would love to establish some institution like that in the future.

Yes, I might want to start my own business in the future, but I also plan on retaining my day job at the same time for stability purposes. For spouses, what elements would be beneficial to help mitigate some of the drawbacks in my chart? Should I look for a wood or earth daymaster? What year would be good to look for a prospective romantic partner? I did become close with some people previously but did not feel as if they were the right persons as there were conflicting values and lifestyles.

Compatibility will require looking at the partner's chart for more accurate insight. For example, he has a Geng Metal in the Heavenly Stems and another Metal in the same Pillar, to combine with your Yi Wood to form Yin and Yang Metal. However, the resulting element should be favorable to both of you. Another example is that he is a strong Daymaster with substantial Earth in his chart to render support for your Metal Daymaster.

There are numerous ways a man can be compatible with you. I can't really say just one or 2 things that makes a good relationship. We need to look at both your charts holistically for all possible combinations and clashes.

I see a great possibility of marriage in 2026. However, I suggest delaying it if possible. Because there is a Hai-Mao-Wei combination taking place that changes your Spouse Palace unfavorably. If you marry in the Ren-Chen 2036-45, the marriage would be such smoother.

From my understanding, the Daymaster requires one more condition to be successful in transformation. There should be another Water in the Heavenly Stems to complete it. It might be possible that your DM is successfully transformed in this year and next year, due to the presence of Ren and Gui Water. I would reserve my judgement on this, as it would be short term rather than lifelong.

Do take your time to carefully select and observe a romantic partner. I think you are on the right path when you can sieve out guys based on values and lifestyles. It is a lifelong commitment. Your chart shows a strong indication of marriage, so there is no need to worry too much or rush in.

You will have better chances of career progression in the next Xin-Mao phase (2026-2035), where promotions and salary increases are very likely. If you're happy at your current job, I suggest you continue as it is. Secure employment is way more favorable for you. Furthermore, the Wei Vault for Wealth is in excellent condition, therefore you can retain money and be financially comfortable.

I can't agree that Ren-Chen (2036-45) and Gui-Si (2046-55) are good enough phases for you to start a business. Yes, you have a few favorable years here and there, but my honest opinion is that the runway is too short. In other unfavorable years, you are more likely to struggle. In other words, there isn't enough time for you make a business success.

The Ren Water in 2036-45 phase quite harshly triggers the Hurting Officers in your chart, weakening your Daymaster a lot. The elements of Gui-Si in 2046-55 phase both disperse power away from your DM. Although the Gui-Si phase is gentle and not harsh, but still it isn't in your favor.

The Wei Vault is helping you retain and save money. I would suggest you continue this habit of doing so. As you have a Rob Wealth element (Shen Metal) in the chart, unexpected expenses and unmitigated spending can crop up occasionally, especially after middle age.

If you decide to start a business in future, it is still possible provided you have partners who can reinforce you. Having business partners will be favorable for you, provided they have elements and phases that supplement yours. In such a case, it is better for you to keep your day job and allow stronger Daymasters to run the show.

I understand you worry a fair bit and sometimes feel internally conflicted, due to the Hai-Hai self punishment and the Indirect Resource. But you need not worry much, as your chart doesn't lack elements and the flow is reasonably smooth. You will definitely see progression in your career. However, you do have a tendency to watch for only your personal interests. I would advise that you render assistance to coworkers, friends, family and less fortunate people where possible. Helping others will pave the way for a brighter future ahead.

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