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i never said you are wrong, of course you are not and i respect that you showed concerns and took time out to respond for nothing. Out of frustration i am just trying to get some right piece of direction.

i wasn't occupied with work, infact work is same as i mentioned earlier. this month its my father's health and that affected the routine, i stayed more busy with family. Also i mentioned the conditions linked to me for my move, and that i have tried 3 times before as well. i still want to and trying too but .. and obviously i am not waiting for thing to fall in my lap, i struggled i am struggling and that continuous struggle is now frustrating me enough to give up. and trying to understand my destiny abit if in case i have to take harsh steps to move ahead.

hey @leonard28

thankyou for a detailed response, i have been busy with work couldn't check.
well, as per you say about the stagecoach, november is already gone and theres nothing, no mentionable movement.

hey leonard28

thankyou for a detailed response, i have been busy with work couldn't check.
well, as per you say about the stagecoach, november is already gone and theres nothing, no mentionable movement.


i appreciate your detailed response.
I am trying to keep myself at at distance with my family and it's not hard as there's no closeness. but moving somewhere else will be another encounter as i mentioned earlier that my mother is totally against letting me go anywhere on my own. By trying other countries, i just think that she wont have not a strong hold over things.

by stagecoach, do u mean November?

The clash between Month vs Day pillars, together with Day Branch element falling in Void, means it will be tough to bring about marriage. Even when you do get married, I'm sorry to say you have a low affinity with your husband. Marriage is the beginning of a new stage in life, not the end result you're looking for. A different set of challenges will come in, and it's unlikely that your future spouse will be able to support or help you much.
what do u suggest then? do u think it would be disastrous? low affinity can still produce a long term bond?
how about the thing that when ppl get married their life phases start reflecting their combined energies? will that help in my case anyway?
also, i read that 7k can be considered as spouse star, though its weak being in roots but its still their in self palace still not helpful?
one more thing u mentioned earlier, that suitable partner is likely to appear after 2030, what to do of the proposals i am having right now? how should i deal them? what if someone feels reasonable too? why they appearing and should i just hold on to this marriage thing for now?

There is no point in waiting for better luck; every day you can do something to improve yourself. Just focus on things that you have control of; the rest will come.

i know, and i have always stood strong no matter what but right now i feel that inner motivation died somewhere inside :( but anyways, em trying and hoping

What sort of business are you doing? Why is it not working? Are you selling anything better than others that the customers will return? Do you have any skills that can give your business a competitive edge?

I mentioned 2020 was major shift. i had my employees and was working with international clients in IT domain. throughout 2020, my family remained so messed up that i couldn't work, lost everything to zero. In 2021, family relocated to new place, took quite alot of time, i tried getting back and in try to even try from scratch i tried to deal basic projects, narrowed down my path to focus, (Digital Design is my personal skill and i am blessed with extremely creative mind) but the issues are mainly:
- not getting my payments, or getting very small chunk
- not winning the deals, can't get myself highlighted
- tried for jobs too, din't get answer, and also this new location is quite far from the twin city and i have to depend on someone for the travel or have to spend more than the earned salary over it.
- savings are getting short with time too

Have you shortlisted any countries and researched their migration criteria? Do you fulfill their requirements?
tried AUS back in 2019, even invested money over some verification processes, ended up with border closure and covid
2021 - tried CAD immigration, invested money here as well, but the educational qualification process got complicated & my consultant said that this never happened, u should try again (which means spending money again) & i quit.
in the end of 2021, tried for UK study option, got letters in hand but yet again my mother created a scene plus my financial end was weak personally, got no support from anyone. :(

How are you meeting potential partners, by family arrangement or on your own?
i have zero or say negative attachment to mother, father now gave up. so rn i am trying for myself. problem is that the good ones don't last long or its something like unimagined story (one died, one's father died so the process got delayed and then vanished, one came up with family not agreeing, one had some secret marriage so all extreme kind of drama on this end)

Hope i answered all in detail.

i literally cried reading the last message for like a whole day. I am someone who always has managed to strengthen myself no matter how hard the situation is. but now it seems like never ending. I have been through roughhh things since long and still asked to wait for 2030sss is much depressing. i am losing myself already.
Just wanted some escape.

and this is way more depressing :( i asked this to find some solution some remedy some hopes.. :( :(

eonard28, thanks for the response

4:30 - 5:30pm covers two different Hour pillars. Do you have the exact timing? Also provide your birth city so I can check for true solar time.
well my mother gave me this info about my time of birth do its between 430 and 530 Pm, the location is Rawalpindi Pakistan

Seeing the abundance of Wealth elements in your chart, I reckon you desire doing business and/or speculate financially. However, your Output element is quite weak, making it hard for you to find the right ways to make money in this manner. The years 2009-18 are not favorable for you too. Without Direct Resource to protect you from harm, you can get into pretty big trouble financially.

I quit the Jobs long ago, and focusing on my own thing, business/self employment but for not its not working out for me.
What can i do about weak output elements?
i dont remember much bad in 2009 till 2015,, 2016 onwards and especially 2020 till now is DARK :(

Did you meet someone in 2020 or 2021? It looks like you will marry late in life.
meeting people is getting regular now, as everyone is pressuring me to get married. i did found a couple of them compatible but it ended up real bad. I am already 34 how more late it is? what will be the good time for it? and what is the marriage be like? :(
can this marriage thing fix something?

i tried to travel and relocate. but there are continuous blockages. in 2019 for example, i got stuck due to border closure. recently, its finance. :(

thanks alot johnyqi

what different forms of debt it could be? coz i never find myself converging to take financial loans. i have no financial debts but right now, i am in a condition to spend my savings very carefully.

is there anything i can do for this ox goat clash? coz it made it to something that i have no closeness to any of the family member. in this particular time especially, its cringy and i feel suffocated in my own home. all the ways i try to get out of it has the same very ending - to get married. :( and that itself is messed up area.

this strong wood period is not seeming to help me for now :( i want an escape.. how can i get an escape ?

hy all,

This is female 9 July 1988 (4:30 - 5:30 PM)  GMT + 5

I started my career path in 2010. 2016 gave me brutal financial setbacks, lost money money and faced alot of stress. tried getting back somehow but 2020 was yet another blast. infact in 2020, i couldn't focus on work, all was like family related unplanned circumstances. I am still trying but its not looking any better and i am stressed out :( is it going to get any better?? i am a creative mind but not getting enough direction, feel blocked.
what should my work be like? is it going to get any better??

I have tried relocating to some other country, but out of nowhere, something comes up and the process go stuck. i was given an option to marry someone abroad but that side is yet another mess. will i ever be able to relocate? what country should i give a try for easy migration? and what will be good time?

the marriage area i said is yet another mess, there are proposals but nothing is working out, it sometimes is my owns family mismanagement/lack of interest. sometimes the other part came up with lame excuses out of nowhere. what my spouse section says about it? when will i be able to get married and what it ll be like??

i know i asked alot but what else a stressed out, suffocated and and blacked out person would do anyway? if not ask questions to get out of it :(

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