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searching for silver lining - its dark :( deep autumn232061
Please, assistance with my Career and Relationship path!!DolceBloom141927
Please help me understanding this chartfire_fly1972
Dilemma: Career vs Familyjellyace101719
Masters, please help with 2021 career and business ddd1993132965
Bazi Reading - on Career Financial luck and future luckAquaman7311187
Birth Chart Troubles: Career and Mediacastlevania274011
insights about coming year 2021 and about relationship and career pleasetwilight71617
career advice please especially for Geng-zi yeartwilight31226
bazi help: 5 years dating fail despite peach blossom (Wu-Xu DM), career stagnantHelloItsMe31684
Bazi Reading Requestkoi71990
He want to know his useful god and element ? Will he become rich is this life? Wooden river174786
I missed hell of an opportunity!Ale2810683
Can you help me read my chart, i always get trouble in relationship with manLimXiexin469849
Strength of day master?bunny114610
Help pleaseBetty.Flo62730
Job and baziRuneyla82428
Turmoil yearJoy227771
Will I ever succeeed?Pobeau72860
finding a careerTigelily1512090
Interpret my ZWDSlala159842448
Can anyone help read if there is a future for us in businessBlueBrown197308
What does my future hold? phoenixrising144843
All Yang pillars for ladyfleurdel10034447
Please take a look at my ZWDS. How is career, money, and love luck?4blossoms189566
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