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  • Wedding Date Selection
    « on: March 24, 2022, 03:02:19 PM »
    I self-learn date selection from books and here is my date selected for marriage referring to both people Bazi as well. 

    I would like to have some comments as I am afraid I have overlooked anything important.

    Year : Yi Chou
    Month : Ji Mao
    Day: Ding Wei
    Time: Ji You

    Year: Jia Zi
    Month: Geng Wu
    Day: Yi Hai
    Time: Ding Chou

    Date selected: Success Day, Golden Lock, presence of Sky Happiness Star

    31 August 2022 (Ren Yin year / Wu Shen month / Bing Chen day )

    *however its 28 constellation is Basket.
    Time to pick up bride : Gui Si (9-11am)
    Time for Registration of Marriage : Bing Shen (3-5pm)
    Time for Dinner reception : starts at Ding You (6:30pm)

    I had checked all the below criterias:

    1.   Avoid Year Breaker day (Avoid all Monkey days)
    2.   Avoid Month Breaker day (Avoid all Tiger days)
    3.   Male Personal Breaker day (Avoid all Goat days, months, year)
    4.   Female Personal Breaker day (Avoid all Horse days, months, year)
    5.   Avoid hour clashes with the day (Avoid dog hours 7pm-9pm)
    6.   Avoid loneliness star for female (Avoid all Dog days)
    7.   Avoid solitary star male (Avoid all Tiger days)
    8.   Choose Sky Happiness star
    9.   Avoid Stem/Branch Clash between Day & Hour pillar (Bing clash with Ren, 7am – 9am)
    10.   Choose Success/Stable/Open Day
    11.   Right hour for Religious/Signing ceremony (Happy Spirit & Golden Lock)

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  • Re: Wedding Date Selection
    « Reply #1 on: March 24, 2022, 03:26:28 PM »
    Aligning it with the info in the books it seems very well chosen.
    Haven't worked with that in practice a lot, so no idea what adjustments may be needed, but purely from what is the base approach it seems all good.

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  • Re: Wedding Date Selection
    « Reply #2 on: September 18, 2022, 04:28:52 PM »
    Based on your criteria, it is a good date~


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