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Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Work Compatibility
« on: July 29, 2021, 07:32:30 PM »
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Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Work Compatibility
« on: July 22, 2021, 01:44:26 PM »
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For 46-55 your spouse/relationship luck will be better.

Hmm from your natal chart your spouse luck not smooth sailing. It will be easy emotional struggle between each others especially if you married early. Also you are a thinker, and your qi of your mind going to spouse and your family and your children.

At chinese culture once upon a time, your natal chart not good for woman destiny. For this days your natal chart it is sign career woman. My suggestion if communication is not working, just focus on child because your energy goes to children. And the other suggestion you need some activites/making money/working as a side job.

You also have another sign from natal chart, you easily get moody, stress, depression  — this sign is sudden change. For this one i suggest — go to spiritual art, yoga, meditation, or go to religion support. This is will be better for balance life for you.

Hi Windwheel,

I understand now, I have to divert my focus to other things so I won't focus only on our marriage issue.

You know, I just completed my tarot card reading last year and managed to read for a few clients. Out of sudden I am interested in Bazi , there I also start to learn but only half pail water because I never sign up Joey Yap's course, I just attended his few training workshop for free. Then, I realize in my Bazi alot of this harm,punishment,clashes, in spouse palace, makes me so worried. There goes my focus and energy to the negative side of my Bazi.

Suddenly, I am just into this spiritual thing, I am not sure why. Maybe it's faith, that I knew and understand now, so I can better manage in the future.

Another issue, did you see in my bazi chart, any sign of committing suicide? especially in my older years. I have gone through my depression at the age of 16-23 and I survived, but I am worried if it's coming back.


It seems from your natal chart. Spouse want to control you and make easily get dispute and disagreement between each other. You also have strong character. So both of them has own opinion. In

last decade 2009-2018 it is not smooth sailing for spouse luck, your spouse attached too much to you or between you/spouse getting presure.

This decade 2019-2028 also have a not smooth sign for spouse/relationship luck. Spouse/relationship might feeling not smooth.

You need good communication between each others to solve the problem. You need to be patient and lower your ego. If can spouse also need lower his ego too. Then the sign will be reduce.


Thanks for explanation, may I know in which decade my marriage relationship will be smooth? Really have to wait until I am old only have a smooth and happy relationship?

Any other remedy except communication? I am so so worried about our future if we can be together until old.



Thank you for explanation once again.

I have alot of water elements in my chart especially Yin Water, explained my emotional instability.

May I know which 2 luck pillars? As I only noticed 1 luck pillar in my fifties, Mao appeared clash with my You (month and Day pillar), uncivilized punishment with my Zi (year pillar). Can you explain more on Zi-Mao punishment and You-Mao clash in my chart scenario? Too many version of answer if I googled.

Is there any remedies like balancing of 5 elements and Fengshui be helpful to overcome the challenges?


Dear TaiYin,

He is too secretive, very quite and he don't like open communication with me.
In my fifties pillar, I have a Mao-You clash and from what I read, it happens because of exrtra marital affairs. May i know how do I stop this from happening? A goos fengshui house can help?


DE in your friends pillar means internally you feel lonely or prefer to stay alone and doesn't have much friends around. It also happens in your 20 years luck pillar means most of the time u do things all by yourself. Since u are entering the void universe, take this opportunity to do things that u like alone without other disturbance. Yoga, meditation, detox, vacation,exercise.

Because once u enter 30s, u will be having busy life, maybe that time u r getting married, having kids, career progressing.

Im not sure on si-hai clash thou.


Hi TaiYin,

Thank you for your explanation.

Yeah, you are right, I am not good in handling my emotions and tends to thk alot when it comes to my marriage. As I always think that one day he will cheat on me and I will be dwell in deep depression, and thats the end of my life.

He treated me well, just that I don't trust him enough. Lost of sense of trust.

His dob is 8 October 1981 at 11.52pm, location Seremban, Malaysia (Southwest of Malaysia)

I am from Seremban, Malaysia (Southwest part)

Dear YC,

Thank  you for your reply.

Based on my natal chart, no doubt the harm and punishment makes me having a deep depression at the age of 15 onwards until 25. Up till now I am still having slight of mental instability.

In my case of self-punishment, other than alcohol, any other problem that will trigger like mental abuse because I don't take even a sip of alcohol.

I am a family woman, I don't really care on outside temptation. I just want a happy family and marriage. The 3rd party you mean exist does it indicate initiated by who? From me or my spouse? Anything that trigger the cause of the 3rd party and any remedy? At what age this problem will occur?

Please shed some lights. Thanks.

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