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next year rabbit dragon tiget = wood combo means what ? good or bad?

no pressure from 7k and do means?

10. 08. 2001 - Female

Time Unknown

Additional details : parents divorce , younghest daugther ( 2 brother and 1 elder sister ) , stud until spm and then start working after that ( never enter college or university ) ,  age 19 to 20 already earning rm 10 000 + a month ( alone supporting her mother ). this year between april and may invested in her own business.

This friend of mine got more than 6-8 people is chasing her. every festival  , valentine , monthly valentine got more than 5-8 sending her gifts.. even few guys have been chasing and her for 2-3 years ( not 1 but a few ) - she still continue letting them chase but end up never together with them until today - on and off there will be different new guy appear to add into the list of guys that will be chasing her

but why until today she still end up never accept them and still being single ? a few times in the past she almost wants to be in relationship then end up never materilise ( something will end up happening )

question 1 : never lack of guys , admirers and chaser but still single until today?
question 2 : 3 of her day , month and year pillar is consider 10 evil / defeated days right ?
question 3 : when she will be in relationship ( bf / gf ? )
question 4 : when and what year is her marriage life and what will happen to her marriage life ?
question 5 : next year Ren Yin year - will it form a tripple punishment coz she got 2 snake and 1 monkey in her birth chart?
question 6 : what will happen to her career , life and relationship in this current decade luck pillar?

CHart working as fire structure means?


XIN CHOU most likely should not be my lucky or good pillar ( although 10 out of 10 people predicted it is my good pillar ) .

Since 2017-2021 ( until now ) I am in debts , no job , career , business and etc. Everything that I try to do or build , looking for a job and etc ( all end up will got obstacle to make it never happen ) .

2017-2021 - no love and relationship , no money , no career , no business - basically totally nothing for the last 4 years

2021 Xin Chou Year will be Fu Yin with my Xin Chou Decade Pillar. will it be bad or good?

@RenSpb so in your analysis it is Dog Hour ? thanks bro

Strong vs Weak Day Master ( different opinion )

39% of the elements in your chart is supporting your Day Master.
61% of the elements in your chart is draining your Day Master.

Based on this method your Day Master is considered as 弱格 Weak

Your Day Masters strength
日元 得令 by Season is Strong.

日元 得地 Day Masters strength by Location
The 十二长生 (12 Life Phases), energy level indicator is one of the main methods to determine the strength of the elements.

Your months branch stage is 4, 臨官 Lin Guan (Adulthood). The location is In and the energy level of your stage is Strong.

Your Day Masters season is Summer and your birth month’s season is Summer which looks like your Day Master is in season. Based on this method your Day Masters seasonal condition is 旺 Prosper which is known as Strong.
日元 得势 by Formation is 弱格 Weak.


Day Master - heavenly doctor*, ten enlightened days, three extraordinary nobleman (heaven) (wrong order)

Month - prosperity star,
robbing star,
solitary star,
travelling horse*(YP),
solitary star*(YP),
funeral gate*,
three extraordinary nobleman (heaven) (wrong order)

Year - flower of romance*, three extraordinary nobleman (heaven) (wrong order)

Current Decade Luck Xin Chou - heavenly virtue (Xin), forlorn star, forlorn star*(YP),

@Bazi_Fan  Yeah.. No longer treating this forum post as seeking for reading like in the more about updating my latest progress. 

Now is taking it more like a healthy discussion and healthy exchange of input/ knowledge. By updating the good / bad progress then we can understand more about all our past readings. ( case study ) . hahah

2018 - Dog Year suppose to clashed open my dragon tomb ( end up never happen - one of the worst year ever other than 2011 )

2019 - Half accurate - Pig Year temporary a nobleman suddenly come into my life ( In June ) and suddenly offer to invest ( without knowing , proposal , asking or anything ).  Before June ( My parents take personal bank loan to help me ) . Just came by himself throw in money and suddenly exit in end of Dec 2019. Temporary from ashes and back to survival mood to settle 60% of my past 2018 debts. Overall not a bad year. 

2020 - 1st half of the year everything bad to zero , debts and ashes - 2nd half ( not sure yet )

2021 - going to be an interesting year. Fu Yin Year Xin Chou with My Decade Luck Pillar ( not sure yet is good or bad )

Agree with the statement that only the Bazi Owner will know more which is better for them after going through all the years and decade pillar . Since many is saying that Age 30 - 60 ( Xin Chou , Gen Zi & Ji Hai ) is better than my past golden decade pillar. Not sure yet about the future.

But for the 1st half of Xin Choi ( 30 - 34 ) totally no progress yet. Everything seem to be bad. Decade pillar previously in Gui Mao and Ren Yin is so far millions times way much more better in terms of career , financial , life , love , prosperity and almost everything. Lots of achievements , life satisfaction , windfall , career peak , popularity , power , love and etc. Since the start of Xin Chou so far almost every single ares of my life back to zero.  Later stage? Not sure yet. Lets see. Hahahha. Cheers

2018 until June 2019 is the worst year.

June 2019 another new investor came in for a new start and then by end of December 2019 he end it. 6 months back to survival mode.

January 2020 Until August 2020 ( everything back to zero again , business , career , no source of income and etc )

@FlyingKite  so 2020 got RAT ( Ren ) is good?

@hanzzo just for updating and thanks. your prediction is accurate

Now i've seen that after your birthday 7 may of 2019 things will be better much better  professionally and romanticly. you will attain power, and some change of business might be on the cards for you by 2019.( your 2018 statement )

June 2019 onwards I manage to get a new investment for a new start up ( the investor find me himself ) - so currently starting everything new again and all slowly from zero after suffering for more than 2 years.

guess soon maybe life will get smoother and better...this morning bet an impossible and not logical odds.. small amount of rm 75 .. won rm 5225 .. x 200 plus... although is not big amount but because previously have been that bad so it mean a lot to me... sales yesterday and today also hit the highest ever in year 2018....

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