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@Joy , the (Chinese Metaphysics) year is not ending until Feb 4, 2020.
Try to be more active in social gatherings, join classes like ballroom dancing, join online dating, etc.
In my opinion, the chance is there, but you need to make yourself visible to potential partners.

Thank you for the gleam of hope.  Will definitely do my best to go out n look out.  💪🤞

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@Joy , there's still chance to meet someone new. This year is quite good. I won't go too far into the future yet. Just see how it goes this year.
Regarding growing old together, it'll depend on the affinity between your chart and that person's chart.
The year is ending yet no date yet.  Sad.  Sigh...   

2006-2016 Wu Shen, that should’ve been the period when your career was positive, I think.

2016 change LP to Ding Wei. Will not be as easy, especially Zi year next year. You may have chances to meet people but may want to take it slow. Alternatively, I would suggest perhaps taking some time to find yourself in the next few years til 2022.
Life's been slow and boring since 2016 partly because Australia's lifestyle is 50x more laidback than Hong Kong.  On the contrary to wanting to take it slow, I wish to meet Mr Right asap as life seem somewhat aimless/unmotivating without loving partner/spouse.  But yes you're right I need to find myself quick.  Thank you. 

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@Joy , there's still chance to meet someone new. This year is quite good. I won't go too far into the future yet. Just see how it goes this year.
Regarding growing old together, it'll depend on the affinity between your chart and that person's chart.
Wow nice to know.  The year is finishing but will definitely look out.  Fingers crossed I get to report back soon if I meet anyone.  Thank you.

My take. Grown apart.
I don't think we grew apart but he fell into midlife crisis and found excitement in meeting a new young lady. We were good with each other and lived a happy relationship envious to our friends so I never felt any crack or distance with him at all.  But little did I know he cheated behind my back and chose to give up on me over another girl he just met. Maybe you're right, we grew apart but I didnt know.  Thank you.

Relationship ended due to money matters?

Didn't see anyone coming along in next 3 years. There will be one coming around 52-53 but you'll have to fight for this relationship.

May I know prior to end of relationship, were you working/ invest in a business or a housewife? As I saw opportunities to earn money in 2014.

Is there a partnership breakup in 2018 - 2019 and resulted in some cash flow issues to you?
1) He dumped me for 3rd party but i guess to answer your 1st question should be Yes because I was unemployed at that time hence we were struggling financially as a couple.

2) Prior to breakup I would call myself unemployed (or housewife probably sounds better but I don't have kids or a big house). I worked on and off in senior management roles over the years and fly high up the corporate ladder in 2014.

3) Unsure if "partnership breakup" means career/business or relationship.  In 2018, had a short term job which ended less than 6 months.  In 2019, an old school friend (male) whom we had been regularly meeting but not dating, he stopped contacting me totally over trivial misunderstanding.

52-53yo seems such a long wait for a man.  Hope he's worth fighting over ... which I feel isn't my style of action especially after been betrayed so harshly in the past due to 3rd party.

A bit of background info, I worked and lived in Hong Kong from 2000 until 2016 then returned to Australia until now.

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@Joy , May I ask whether that 15 years relationship ended because of a third party?
Yes he ran away for a girl 10 years younger. Ironically, he dumped me for a girl he only just met 1month into their new passionate relationship.

In my opinion, there still is.
May i know when or which years?

My last fulfilling and loving relationship of 15 years ended very painfully in 2016, and so I relocated overseas to live and heal.  Have been eagerly looking forward to date again but no luck yet.  Please advice if there's still any chances of meeting potential love at my age and grow old together.

DOB: 18 Dec 1972
Time: 1:10pm
Birth city: KL
Gender: Female

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Turmoil year
« on: December 06, 2018, 01:02:44 AM »

Ji/hai is another spouse star appearing in marriage or living together then.  :)
2019 let's get married!  Totally don't mind skipping dating and go straight to living together.  Lol.  But I first have to meet my special man somewhere out there.  Fingers crossed.  Shall report back into this forum thread if it comes true.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Turmoil year
« on: December 06, 2018, 12:57:05 AM »
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Did you leave your natal home at approx 18 years of age.
Normally with strong jie cai and weak wealth in chart will indicate a wanderers life. You also in general have a lot of friends who like to travel as well. Are some of your friends kinda tough characters?

Spouse star is wei in spouse palace and wu/wu in hour pillar.

Ding/wei luck pillar starting at age 43 years.
This triggered wei/zi harm to spouse palace. Yi/wei year 2015 would have also triggered this harm.
Ding is combining with ren x 2 on hs. This indicates spouse star is combining with 2 other women. One lives close to him and the other lives far away.
This harm is a betrayal harm and can be very painful. The worse of this harm should be over after your next birthday.

Next spouse star Wu/Wu should appear in next luck pillar 2026 Bing/Wu year. In bazi if you live with someone it is called the spouse star.

You should however meet someone in 2018 Wu/Xu year.
Not sure if I've met anyone in 2018. 
- Mid 2017 I met an old high school classmate.  His friendly company helped release my clinging to ex-spouse.  However he quickly retreated seeing me after I recovered from emotional wound.  We now occasionally meet casually with friends.  Not sure if he likes me or not, but he hasn't made any moves at all.  His birthdate is 19 March 1971.
- Early 2018 I met a guy a couple of times only - introduced through friend.  Zero attraction and we totally stopped contact. So I don't consider this to be someone at all.
- Dec 2018 I turn 46yo and wish to meet and date a good man for romance.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Turmoil year
« on: October 25, 2016, 12:26:21 AM »
@j27945  Your message serves a wake up call for me to let go and look forward.  Thank you so much as I meditated over your comments.  Mention of karma resonates so much as this year feels extremely karmic (in a bad way).

Yes, am slowly coming to terms with my feelings, changes and challenges.  Life feels empty not only without him, but also without good friends and joyful gatherings.  Am looking forward to moving on.  No, I'm not religious but am a person of faith as a spiritual seeker.  Would love to meet a man of similar values be it spiritual or religious.  More importantly now is not just a person of faith but a faithful person to me.

Am unsure how to build karma if I'm broke, and it seems like I'm already over-repaying debts from past lives this year.  May you kindly explain, as reading it makes no sense to me - 前 20 年 子未害有救, 因有金为通关神。后 20 年, 子未害无救,反而的火加力。身体健康有伤病浩之相)  申 酉 金 为 用 神。酉 is prefer over 申 因为有情. 

@baziindublin  Your message made my day!  2019 seems far away but still much nearer than 2026 to be with a spouse.  Thank you for giving me hope.

Thank you all with love and light.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Turmoil year
« on: October 14, 2016, 10:16:19 PM »
Look forward to anymore insights/advice on my Bazi/Zwds to equip myself moving forward from this turmoil year.  What's the consequence of having 5 water elements in my birthchart?  Am I strong water or weak water?

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Turmoil year
« on: October 13, 2016, 09:01:31 PM »
@existentialistalbert  Thank you for a surprise tarot reading gift.  You piqued my interest in correlating tarot cards to chinese astrological stars.  Would be a blessing to chinese tarot community should any talented soul be able to create a Zwds or Bazi tarot deck or book.

@mushroom  You didn't ask me but I'd like to share my favourite daily tarot deck is The Golden Tarot by Kat Black.

2 of Swords - Hard for me to think properly and choose wisely at the crossroads for many aspects of life.  To hope for his return or to let go?  To keep loving him or to search new love?  To seek solace of my parents or to stand up myself?  To tell friends I'm broken or stay quiet?  To return to AU or HK for work?

The Magician - Am I ready to use the tools at my mercy to cook up a wonderful new life?  Please stay strong and be motivated - talking to myself here.

The Fool - This is my card.  Many dislike the fool, but I embrace and relate myself to the Fool - happy go lucky, light, free, silly, careless.  Reversed probably points to my persona change from being carefree to overly careful, hence negating my real self and passing opportunities.

Thank you with love and light.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Turmoil year
« on: October 13, 2016, 02:58:33 PM »
@baziindublin Thank you for commenting.  Just with your new info, my heart feels less burdened.  Although not good news such as she's his spouse, at least I know it's useless crying and yearning for him anymore.

Yes, I left my natal home at 18 years.  A wanderer's life was fun but now at 43 years it's tiring.
Yes, friends travel a lot and are mostly tough characters.  Hard for their personalities to find or settle a partner.  In HK we call them "kong lui".
Yes, harm begun in 2015 as he started for the first time to sleep out often.  I naively thought he really worked overnights to bring home bread.
Yes, the betrayal harm is extremely painful.  Shall look forward to my birthday soon in December.

- Unfortunate to learn this 2nd woman living near him is a spouse star.  Guess i should give up waiting for him?
I truly thought she's not ideal for him and believe they'll break up sooner or later.  In fact i love him enough to let go if she's a better woman than me, but I couldn't let go as she seemed so toxic for him - based on his description of her and my few conversations with her.   Now that I know she's a spouse, then I'll have to let go and wish them good luck.

- Holy moly i'll be 53 years when i have a spouse again.  Guess i'll have to learn to live without a lover by my side?
I've always had loving long term partners and lived together with all 3 relationships one after another.  I always felt lucky in love for the blessing of a wonderful spouse.  Feeling loved gives me energy to return love manifold to the universe.  Now that I know it's 2026, patience is a virtue. 

- A recent prayer visit at Tin Hau temple in HK also informed i'll meet someone in 2018.  Guess i'll still be lonely in 2017?
I'm a people person who enjoy being around my lover and hanging out with friends.  This year's extremely lonely as I stopped contact with all to refrain from telling my humiliating relationship to friends and family.  Was hoping to meet someone soon to take him off my mind.  Now that I know its not soon, then I'll have to find something else to divert and occupy time blissfully.

Is it better to return to HK or AU for career and love?  I'm at a crossroad now.  None of my jobs ever last long no matter how much I enjoy work.  Normally employed 1 year then unemployed 2 years, and the cycle repeats itself.

Look forward to anymore insights.  Thank you with love and light. 

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