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@embun : terima kasih sudah menjawab. saya ingin tanya maksudnya LP itu apa ya? oh iya, boleh gak saya bertanya lebih dalam lagi?
Astrologi Delapan Karakter (Ba Zi) / Tolong baca Bazi suami saya
« Last post by embun on Today at 01:43:45 PM »
Mohon bantuan para master baca Bazi suami saya, kelahiran Nganjuk 01 Februari 1977 jam 02.10 WIB (dini hari) sedangkan Saya kelahiran, Mojokerto 10 Mei 1982 jam 08.30 WIB (pagi hari).
Berdagang apa yang cocok untuk suami saya?
Kapan faktor keberuntungan datang bagi keluarga kami?

Terima kasih atas bantuannya
Luckily he did not selected to be the President.
Other wise he may facing the same like Trump.
I think he better leave Presidential alone at least for next 40 years.

Other wise the only get the infamy left behind.

It's a hole new world that was opened to me today!
Can you please help me to get a start and read my Bazi.

I am male, 07.09.1985 , birth hour: 13:05

Thank you in advance
Pada LP saat ini bisa bertemu partner yg mendukung. Ini kesempatan ketemu jodoh yang baik.
I think he's serious and has some good ideas but he would need to gain a lot more momentum because the odds are not in his favour.
Birth chart analysis for famous / infamous people / Andrew Tate
« Last post by yomama on August 13, 2022, 10:55:48 PM »
DOB is 14th December 1986.

He is gaining notoriety on the internet for preaching misogyny and (ahem pyramid scheme) Hustlers University.
On top of that he's under investigation for human trafficking and rape.

What do you think his hour pillar is?

What do the Bazi charts of people whose personalities are like his look like?
Just talk / Re: The most attractive women: What is your standard?
« Last post by yomama on August 13, 2022, 09:40:37 PM »
Face wise, probably Monica Bellucci. She is considered a conventional beauty.
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Hehe ;D ;D

Can anyone describe my appearance from my bazi?

What's your Bazi? I want to try hehe
How are you doing now? Have you chillaxed a little?
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