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  • No sharing of copyrighted materials and hidden content
    « on: October 03, 2015, 07:13:35 PM »
    No illegal sharing of copyrighted materials and hidden content

    I have to issue another reminder to all forum members. Recently there was a topic about "ebook barter" and as you can be possibly deduced it's pure piracy act and this has triggered reaction from certain parties.

    I have to reiterate here that this forum admin and his all moderators are against such illegal activities. All members are to be advised to report such case of blatant piracy to moderators and decisive action will be followed immediately to remove such topics.

    We fully respect the the rights of all relevant authors and fully adhere to standard copyright law.

    p.s. For your information, in this forum there are representatives from certain book and course publishers. I had been informed that in very near future there could be more spies from such organizations that soliciting such exchange. And in the event of you are being caught in such act of piracy, the forum will hand over all your information to relevant authorities for legal action.

    p.p.s. Please do not abuse the availability of forum PM and Email system. If the trend continues, we have to restrict the usage of forum PM and Email. In case you do not know, you might be exchanging copyrighted materials with the original author's spies. I already received few reports of such incidents. The PM and Email is not entirely private when you are interacting with someone in the other end.

    Please take care of this forum. Piracy and irresponsible sharing of hidden content will kill this forum. The purpose of hidden content is to encourage more participation from the members. Without the balance of giving(sharing content) and taking (view hidden content), this forum will become another dead blogspot posts, sooner or later.



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