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Below are some of my thoughts for your kind consideration.

Xin Bing Jia Jia
Mao Shen Xu Yin
current 10 years luck cycle is Ji Mao

1st, the strength of the daymaster is not the most important factor.
Your day master has support from Xu and Yin, with 2 wood seal Jia on the heavenly stem.
Your day master is definitely strong enough to handle wealth and officer and that is good enough.
It does not mean the stronger the day master, the better your chart.
Just need to be strong enough.
To answer your question, your day master is strong.

Bing born in Xu but Wu earth does not protrude.
Xin metal from Xu protrudes in the heaven.
Wealth structure using Eating God.
The structure is established.
DM is strong, Eating god is strong, Wealth is strong, seal does not come into conflict with wealth.
Earth and metal are good for you.
Career-wise should be fine since 2018?

Your chart is good enough.
During this period Ji Mao, you may have the desire to multitask into many different jobs or businesses or different line of work.
My advice is to stick and focus on one.
Be humble and work hard, don't look down on people even if they are weaker.
Thank you and hope it is helpful, wish you live well and prosper.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: 3 penalties in natal chart
« on: February 18, 2021, 10:53:44 AM »
Hi Mic C,

Share some of my thoughts as below for your kind consideration.

Your daughter has a very good chart.
What are her luck pillars?

Xin born in Shen with Gui Eating God and Jia Wealth protruding.
Strong Robwealth diverted to Output connected to Wealth.
Self is strong, output is decent, wealth is strong, officer is only on the branch and does not really interfere.

With the right family support, her studies and career could be amazing.
How is her studies so far?

I may be wrong but i believed the Yin Shen clashed is not a big problem in this chart since Eating God protrudes in the heavenly stem.

I see, thank you for the information.
It seems very different from what I had learned so far.
Appreciate the sharing even though it is not for me. Thank you.

Hi Rapahui,

Thank you for sharing the link.

Can I know what school of bazi is this?

And do kindly share your opinion on Bwl5's chart, thank you.

Hi Hi,

I agreed with the above replies, daymaster cannot be combined away.
Had never ever read anything about that before in my entire life till date.

Wu and Gui have the intention to combine into fire but because Gui is the daymaster, the combination cannot take place.
But the intention is there, so this likely means that you are attached or committed or simply cannot let go of Wu.
Depending on whether you are male or female, Wu earth will have different meaing.

This chart cannot follow wealth because of the 2 metal seal.
The fire is also not completed, neither a season fire of Si Wu Wei or Yin Wu Xu.

There is something about Gui water born in Si month.....

Hi Hi,

I am using traditional bazi analysis and the below are for your kind consideration.

My info as follows:
Hour   Day   Month  Year
Bing   Geng  Xin      Geng
Xu      Zi      Si        Wu

You are Geng metal born in Snake month.
With Bing fire protruding, this is a 7killing structure.
Luckily for you, Bing Xin combined thus saving the chart.
Bing Xin did not transform.
Your structure is established, earth and metal are favourable for your chart.

Water can help to reduce the fire in your chart but your metal cannot support the water output.
Water years should be stressful for you.
Fire is strong in your chart but not necessary to reduce it.

You can verify it by checking your own experiences during earth, metal and water years.

My advice is to choose your career base on your interests.
Forums are for ppl with similar interest, we are not professional.
There are also very few real masters out there, the probability of you meeting one is really low.

Thank you and wish you all the best.

Art of Life (Birthchart Analysis) / Re: Strong or weak self
« on: December 22, 2020, 06:57:07 PM »
Hi Mel221,

Ding   Jia        Ji     Geng
Mao    Yin   Chou   Chen

This chart has the full wood season or spring season thus weak is out of the question.
It does not have the support from the month pillar thus you cannot say it is super strong but definitely strong enough for wealth and officer.

Jia born in Chou with Ji Earth protruding in heavens = Direct wealth structure or simply wealth structure.
Ji earth is not combined away and is firmly rooted.
Ding Hurting Officer and Geng 7killing protrude as well.
The structure is not successful.

Are things very tough on him this year? Thank you

Hi hI,

Yours is a Hurting Officer with Seal structure.
Weak DM due to Ding fire born in Wei month.
Unfortunately, wealth protrudes in heaven and thus the Seal is damaged and not able to control the Hurting Officer.
Thus the sickness is wealth. Every chart has a sickness, it is totally normal.

Favourable elements
Water can open up the bridge between wealth and seal, so wealth metal will give birth to water and water give birth to wood.
During water pillars, you will face alot of stress but generally, career will work out fine.
Don't give up, sleep properly pls, and things will work out.
Fire can destroy metal, this is direct thus it is the most favourable.
Wood can give birth to fire but it is under direct attack by metal in your chart.
Thus 1st fire, water and wood are joint 2nd.
Earth and Metal are generally not favourable.

If you are in IT, you are in luck.
Finance and IT are the highest paid industry in Singapore and will continue to be so for many years to come.

Most people are never ready for marriage, the commitment is just too big financially for normal ppl like us but if it is time, then just do it. Most ppl are never ready for anything, we just react accordingly based on our experiences when things are thrown at us.

Wealth accumulation is the same for everyone less those who are super lucky.
Else all of us need to slog and save up for a better tomorrow.
Assuming most pp start at the age of 30years old and retire at 60years old, the normal is 30 years.
In SG, the people are very blessed that the government actually bothers to plan for them using CPF.
In the rest of the world, alot of people are not so fortunate.

Being impatient or having too many interests in too many different areas is useless as they only take up your time and energy.
Focus on 1 area for a breakthrough. 
Don compare yourself to others
Just focus on yourself and things will improve over time.

Wish you all the best, sleep well and prosper.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Please read this chart
« on: November 09, 2020, 10:26:56 AM »
Hi Mama,

DM is extremely weak.
Both type of fire are favourable since one can remove wealth while the other can remove the 7killing.
Water and metal are bad for him.

Can you kindly share about what happened during these luck cycles, thank you.

From 1973, his 10 years luck pillars step in full wood
From 1983, also another full wood pillar
May i know if the above 20 years are actually tougher rather than better for him.

Things start to improve from 1993 onwards after stepping into fire pillars.
Are his best years from 2013 onwards when he entered Wu Wu luck pillar?

Thank you for sharing.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Help me analyze my bazi?
« on: October 15, 2020, 01:36:51 PM »
You have a good chart with good luck pillars.
Not the best but it is already very good.
Bazi is a forecast system.
Just like weather forecast, sometimes right sometimes wrong lolz.

As an older human, my advice for career is to choose base on your interest and not restrict yourself to bazi advice.

Your favourable elements are earth fire wood, so working in these elements related industry will be favourable.
But more importantly, is your exact job scope.
Meaning to say you can work in metal industry but doing earth fire wood related job.
Exact job scope is more important.
Favourable industry with favourable job scope naturally is the best.
You can google for more information on element related industry but ideally in Chinese words for more accurate information.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Help me analyze my bazi?
« on: October 15, 2020, 12:06:30 PM »
Thanks to wal21csw for pointing out.

the hour should be +Fire [Bing] and Horse [Wu].

+Fire [Bing]    -Fire [Ding]     -Water [Gui]   +Earth [Wu]
Horse [Wu]      Rabbit [Mao]    Pig [Hai]          Tiger [Yin]

Having a full fire hour pillar makes your daymaster stronger.

This chart is pretty balance with a strong daymaster, strong 7killing/water and decent hurting officer/earth.
This is a better chart than the wrong one at 12am.

Earth is now more favourable than wood.
Metal and water remains unfavourable.
But having said that, the chart is balanced and well positioned, even during water and metal years, you should not feel too much of a negative impact.

Ideal spouse remains the same as geng metal because this depends on your daymaster and not the rest of the 7 character in the chart.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Help me analyze my bazi?
« on: October 15, 2020, 11:11:43 AM »
Hi hi,

For men, their spouse's daymaster should be their wealth element with opposite polarity.

You are ding fire male. Yin fire
Your ideal spouse should be Geng metal, yang metal.
Metal is your wealth.
Yin and yang combination.

Thus your ideal spouse should be Geng metal with fair amount of fire and wood in her chart.

This is an ideal concept, don't need to purposely look for girls who are geng metal.

You can confirm if fire and wood is favourable by checking your own history in fire and wood years. Thank you.

Hi Spica,

You probably may not agree with me given your strong character that comes with strong views about everything.
But i am not a master as well, just sharing what i learned for your kind consideration.
Let me be direct and blunt with basic diplomacy that i picked up over the years.
Don't believe in wasting time beating around the bush.

Short summary, with regards to relationships, the problem is you.
Being capable and financially independent is good and necessary.
But all these add to your pride and expectations,  having said that, this happens to all human beings as they experienced more success over others.
What rainmaster said is true, When you deal with men, you need to pretend you're not so smart, and you have to secretly let them win sometimes.

You may need to settle for someone that earn lesser, of a lower social class, who is willing to give in to you most of the time.
I know this is not what your want, likewise this is not what most ppl wanted.
Seen a few cases with similiar chart ending up with such spouse.
But since 2019, you are entering 20 years of officer luck, i sincerely wish that you find someone suitable during this time.

You bend over for others, they may not bend over for you, not wise to have this kind of expactations.
Also when you bend over for others, they may not appreciate it, maybe because they may not like that way you approach it or the words/language you used.
Even though having your help result in a better outcome, they may not appreciate it.
Most humans are not grateful creatures.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Help me analyze my bazi?
« on: October 15, 2020, 09:25:34 AM »
Hi stargazer855,

Let me share my opinions for your kind consideration.

+Metal [Geng]    -Fire [Ding]     -Water [Gui]   +Earth [Wu]
Rat [Zi]              Rabbit [Mao]    Pig [Hai]          Tiger [Yin]

Ding fire born in Hai month with Gui water protuding.
7killing structure using Hurting Officer.

Wu and Gui combined and 7killing is controlled/restricted.
Congratulations, this is a very impt point as this helps to establish your bazi chart.
An established chart means above average.
Willingness to work hard and discipline will be your best partners for success.
My guess is you are already have the above 2 traits.
Your luck pillars are what i like to call Kelong luck pillars
Wood and fire are there all the way.

Despite the fire having support from Yin and Mao, it is still weak.
Wood and fire will be most favourable, earth period will be slightly more stress but still more positive than bad.
Metal and water are not favouable
Marriage eventually will be good as long as you manage it properly.

There is a very big misconcept about bazi.
A bazi chart talks about your potential, it is not fixed.
Else everyone born with the exact same birthday and time will have the same outcome.
Thousands have same birthday and time with Bill gates and Alibaba Ma Yun.

You have a good chart and good luck pillars, many will be jealous of your chart.
If it is women problem, then you just need to have more girlfriend experiences.
Keep changing if not suitable but pls stick to one at a time.

Hi Hi,

What an interesting chart.

Your wealth stars are not hidden.
There is a wealth frame in your chart formed by Pig + Rabbit + Sheep
or simply hai mao wei

Hidden wealth stars does not mean a toiling or hard life, bazi is not that straight forward.

Allow me to share what i know about your chart for your kind consideration.
You are xin metal born in hai month
ren water protude  = hurting officer strcuture
but ding fire direct officer also protude.
hurting officer structure dreads seeing direct officer.
But luckily, you are metal water hurting officer, seeing direct officer is great but this is where it starts to get really interesting.

The ding fire want to combine with ren water to form wood
there is a hai mao wei = wood frame
my opinion is that your structure change from hurting officer to wealth.
You cannot follow wealth because you have a xin on the month pillar and dragon on the hour pillar.
There is no root for your daymaster metal thus metal is weak while wealth which is represented by wood is too strong.

Thus the wealth structure is not established.
Your lucky elements will be metal and earth
Not lucky elements will be wood, water and fire.

Destiny is made up of 3 parts
Heaven or Ming or your bazi chart
Earth or your luck pillars or environment
Yourself, decisions and choices
If you are willing to sacrifice immediate material needs, you will defnintely be able to save money.

May there be peace in our hearts and mind.

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