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Date Selection / Re: Auspiciousness of Hour Quarters (15 mins intervals)
« on: October 08, 2020, 06:47:38 AM »

         At three o'clock in the afternoon, which is almost twelve o'clock in the noon, the yang energy is the strongest, and the human shadow is the shortest. According to superstition, the strong yang energy can be used to dilute the murderous yin energy at this time. This should be the main reason for the "three quarters to noon" execution. [3]

This sounds more logical to me.

Hi @ArtofFugue,
Can you please list your sources, There is no such thing as a auspicious/inauspicious time. Someone can die at the same moment that someone else makes a million dollars.
Would that hour be auspicious or inauspicious? No such thing and should not be labelled as such. For example in your chart label 午时三刻 as auspicious.

From what i know 午时三刻 is very inauspicious most people in Chinese History have been executed during this time for that reason.
午时三刻 from what i know is synonymous with the 44th Gua of the Iching 天风姤. It was believed to be very inauspicious because those who died during this time will not be able to become ghosts after they die. Those that die during this time was considered to be 魂飞魄散 which basically means that they lose their spirit and can not reincarnate.
The ancients believed it to be one of the greatest punishment you can inflict on someone for them to die not only in the physical form, but in the spiritual form.

Again the death of the enemy of the Emperor is auspicious to the Emperor but not to the Enemy. So is the hour auspicious or not?

Just my 2cents.

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