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Hi everyone, Theruwan saranayi

I was wondering if anyone can help me out by teaching or telling me what the Appropriate Qi (Qiyi) of last year, present and next year and what does it mean?  The reason why I'm asking is because, I'm trying to figure out an appropriate Chinese herbal formula for the current coronavirus, in case I might need to use it on someone. . .   Thank you in advance for your time and help.  Truly appreciate it !!

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Hi Ren,

Thank you for your reply and yes !!  I'm looking for wu yun liu qi of last year, current year and next year.  Actually, just right now, thanks to you.  I just found the topic on the six cosmic qi on this forum.  Thank you so much !!  

Since, I don't have much knowledge or have studied this material, I'm wondering if you could teach me or tell me what the zhu yun movements of last year, this year and next year is?


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Thank you so much Ren !! May the blessing of the triple gem shine upon you !

Let me share with you the current situation I am in.  I am a TCM practitioner, but a low skill one.  Last year, I came across a none TCM doctrine/teaching that totally transformed the way I see life.  Before this coronavirus situation, I was about to give up half of TCM to focus more time and effort on learning and practicing this teaching, not just TCM, but many mundane life duties as well.  This is how valuable this teaching is to me.  I can confidently say the path laid out to me is crystal clear, there are no doubts as to what I need to do.  But then this coronavirus thing came to be, from different sources and information that I have gathered, this coronavirus can have a more devastating impact on us then what the main stream media is telling us right now.  This could affect millions to tens, hundreds of millions of people, over a year or two or even longer . . . .  This is the worse case scenario that I see . .  .   I just hope it doesn't come to that . . .  It pains my heart to think about losing my love one's, other human beings that I don't know and their love one's as well, to this virus . . . This is one thing I can't let go so easily right now . . .

I believe many people don't realize the dangers of this virus, or thinking it's like the flu and some vaccine will be the miracle cure.  I beg to differ . .  I believe this is just the beginning, from information I have gathered, I have a feeling things are only going to get worse and this virus might mutate . . . . With a TCM background and knowing this wu yun liu qi knowledge exist, I believe Chinese herbal formula's based on the shang hun lun and wu yun liu qi could be the solution to saving many lives !!  I could be wrong, but I think it's worth the try !!

My problem right now is that I have already decided to shift my effort and time into continuing on learning and practicing this doctrine/teaching that I have across, this is utmost urgent for me right now.  There's no turning back for me .. .  But I'm willing to spend some time on gathering information, talking to some people with better knowledge than me on these topics and connect the dots  of SHL and wu yun liu qi,  and hopefully we can share information with each other and come up with appropriate herbal formulas should the virus mutate.  This could save some lives and ease the suffering of the people.  Unfortunately, I can't direct all my time and energy in learning wu yun liu qi from the ground up, I just don't have the time for that, there's a bigger fish to fry . . .  Really there is . . .   I feel it's better to use other people's knowledge and skills, working together and hopefully we can all help people together . . .  I don't care if people sell this formula for money or if they use it for fame or whatever reason.  I only care about possibly saving someone's life.  After all this is over . . . I might be giving up on TCM all together . . . Imagine the money spent going through TCM school, the hours, the stress of studying and passing exams . . . I am willing to give all that up, just in pursuit of this doctrine/teaching . . .

Ren, just for your time and kindness at least replying to my post, I just want to share with you what I have discovered is that if you are looking for a permanent happiness, a permanent peace of mind, security etc . . .  We all have been looking in the wrong places and 99% of us doesn't even know the fundamental problem with our existence . . . I can confidently tell you that, none of this five-arts knowledge, mundane knowledge, or 99% of the spiritual teachings out there will lead you to a permanent happiness, satisfaction, etc . . . . .

Isn't this what we all are looking for?  To be happy, secure, satisfied . . . Some of this five-arts knowledge can be useful though in mundane life and certain situations, but in the big picture, long term . . . all this is without substance, without essence, none of this gives one refuge in this universe . . . . If you would like to hear more about this, please feel free to ask.  It would be my utmost joy and happiness to share with you and anyone that wishes to hear what I have learned about this universe and the problem with our existence. 


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