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Strong chart, should be quite well paid in a corporate setting. Righteous because of strong metal. Ability to govern wealth is very strong. New luck cycle is about starting a new, perhaps going solo in service or delivery chain. This chart need joint venture and partnership to enhance the flow.

Any event In 2012 (+/- 1 year), look good for progression or fall in love.

Thank you. This is very encouraging.
I really appreciate it.


Some info in your Qimen Destiny Palace also confirms that you need to deal with hardship (Fear) and you seem to invite troubles (Red Phoenix). Either you are the one solving troubles or stirring troubles. Red Phoenix also means 'gossip' and 'arguments'. Basically, they have powerful 'voice'. When used in the positive way, they can be a good lawyer or motivational speaker... those who carry so much authority in their voice.

Thank you for your notes. Could you please clarify one thing:
What do you mean with "need" to deal with hardship?

About troubles, I think I do both: solving and stirring. I notice troubles easily when people do not realize that there are troubles. Because I know how to solve it, I help solving it, but when I solve it, people notice that I am near the trouble.

Some troubles are unavoidable. Sometimes something blocks our way maliciously, and therefore it needs to be destroyed so that it doesn't block other people's ways again in the future.

In one of my environments, there was a bully. Before I came, the bully could bully other people and nobody said anything because they didn't want to 'stir troubles'. When I came, the bully tried to bully me because she was older and had "special position". I fought back. I organized my friends to fight back and reported the bully to the authority in that environment. The bully and I and all of my friends (the victims of the bully) were called upon and we were questioned. The bully had to apologize publicly. Her victims were happy, but I became known as someone who would stir troubles. But that's fine with me. The more people know about it, the more they would be careful when they are around me.

And thank you for the advice. I do plan to use my powerful voice to help other people as well.



your decade luck Gui You isn't good periods 伤官克正官,祸害百端

In the Traditional Bazi, it is said that when 伤官 Shang Guan clashes with 正官 Zheng Guan, a hundred troubles arise.

Thank you for the information. It's rather disheartening, though.
But I thought the Shang Guang is in past decade luck?

Isn't my current decade luck Eating God?

In the past decade, I have experienced many inconveniences.

At the beginning of the last decade, I built a school to help build the characters of the youngsters so that they can be worthy people. But my partner took my money to build his own house.

I then had a new partner to build the school in another location, no body took my money, but the headmaster didn't run the school the way I told her and she spent a lot of money much more than the income so I had to keep on giving money to the school. She also borrowed my money to continue her education and hasn't paid me back after 7 years.

I sold two of my property but didn't make profit from the sales. I didn't lose money, but didn't make profit.

I bought a land from a poor family. And then they borrowed money from me and haven't paid me back until now.

I bought a house from another family, and my notary didn't do the paper works for 5 years and I had to report him to the council of notary to get it done and the paper works is finished 3 years later.

I worked as a senior manager at a very large global company and did very well and always received stars for my work performance, but I was slandered by my own boss because I stopped him from throwing away USD7milion of company's money, and he told the board of directors that he didn't want to work with me anymore because I was insubordinate. Few months after I was fired, the board of directors fired the President Director for losing money.

I got a new job as a Country Director at another multi-national company but my subordinate who had worked in the company longer, and was about 10-year older than me, a big man who was like a brute, always tried to sabotage my work, and though I was successful in improving the company from being unprofitable (when I took it) to become profitable, working there felt like hell.

When I was constructing a new house by hiring a friend (born in Monkey year), I hired him because he lost his job and started a construction company, and I wanted to help his company by giving him the contract, but he cheated me and didn't build my house as good as promised because he used my money to build his own factory. I had to spend additional money to make my house better.
And the people in the neighborhood, my next-door neighbor was jealous of my house because my house was bigger, and she slandered my name and by giving money to the local neighborhood chief, mobilized tens of people to try to attack me (not physically) and I had to go to the city council several times to explain what happened. And I had to hire lawyers to report them to the police. It happened several times, but I have friends and family who supported me. I am fine now and some of the neighbors have regretted their actions and tried to be my friends. Now they are ashamed of themselves and are afraid of me.

In my other house, the government officer was mad when I refused to pay them bribery when I applied for construction permit, they threatened to stop the construction process of my house. I still refused to pay the bribery, and they did stop the construction process and it cost me money because during the time the construction was stopped, some of my building material went bad. I still refuse to pay bribery until today. But now they know that until forever, they will never be able to make me pay bribery and whenever I send people to the government office, they know not to mess with me.

And in another house, I renovated the house and paid a lot of money, but again, this new contractor also gave me building worse than what he promised. In just a year, there has been problems with the building and I may have to destroy everything and build from the beginning all by myself. I have started a construction company because of of the many disappointing construction results I got.

I helped a friend built her a very good house (because I LOVE constructions and buildings), but she hasn't paid all of my money after two years.

I rent my building to a company, but they postpone payment for several months, and then they run away. It happens twice.

I am Ph.D student at a very good university. I have good relationship with my professors because I got the best grades and my papers were amazing, but my relationship with the department head and program director was very bad. They hate me because I told them that they haven't done a good job (what can say, I'm a Geng. I can't kiss-ass. I can not bow to people to pretend to like them when they aren't good). The Program Director hates me so much and she always refuses my ideas/proposal. I plan to resign from the university and start anew either at a better university abroad or move to a different faculty in the same university. I don't think I waste my time because I still keep the knowledge that I obtained during school.

I hired a company to do a job for me last year, but they ran away with my money in December 2020. So, I will go to the police to report them. I am currently hiring a better company to do the work for me.

I hope they are all in the past. I will be rather disheartened if such unpleasant situations continue for another decade.

My current decade luck-pillar is Eating God, right? Does it clash with any other stars?

I am starting another company to help people. During 2020, a lot of people lost their jobs and many people called me to ask for work but I didn't have jobs for them because my construction company and property management company had to stop as well (I still survive because I have another business). I want to help create jobs for them. I have good intention, I hope it will be successful.


@Ananda untick the 10 Gods option from the website, it will show you the pure chart. I am unsure how the developer does it for that option and may enquire about it with the dev.

You're female right?

I will untick the 10 Gods. Thank you.

Yes, I am female.


Since this is January 24, Happy Birthday to you!

You don't have 7 Killing in your Day Branch. It's Direct Officer on your Day Branch.
You have a little bit of 7 Killing in your Year Branch, but not that significant.

Your DM is a weak DM, because the Wealth, Output and Officer stars are stronger than the Resource and Companion Stars.
For a weak DM, 7 Killing shows the negative side of it, but in your case, the 7 Killing Star is just a sub-qi in the Year Pillar, so it's not that prominent.

Whether your stars are auspicious or not, it depends on your life intention.

Thank you for the birthday wish. I am reviewing my Bazi because I realize that I am entering a new luck pillar and want to understand it.
I used the calculator here and it shows that there is Qi Sha in my day EB.
I wonder if DM strength can be "neutral". Because some calculators say that by DM is almost 50% (weak) and some other calculators say that my DM is slightly above 50% (strong).
And what would be the impact of Qi Sha if DM strength is neutral?

Thank you,


do you have problem related to your marriage or your job?

Thank you very much for responding.
I don't have problem with my marriage or my job.
I am not married yet. And reading my Bazi makes me think that maybe I won't find him this year either and I am accepting that destiny. I trust that the universe loves me.
I am starting a new business now, and I hope the business will be blessed because I start the business to help many people who need help and my business hopefully will improve their livelihood. I don't know how the business will become, but I won't give up. Because my intent is to help many people, I hope the universe will help me.

Because I am entering a new luck pillar, I am trying to understand what's ahead of me.
And some articles about the stars mention that the effect of particular stars can be good or bad depending on the DM strength.

Several articles about DM strength mention about the 'season' of the birthday will affect the strength. But does it mean the 'month' or the 'season'?
January is winter in the north, but it is summer in the south. And I am in the south. Actually, I am from a place that never has winter (near the equator). That's why I wonder how the season affect my DM strength.

I hope you can enlighten me.

I am trying to learn Bazi and doesn't know how to evaluate the strength of my day master. I am a Geng born in January 24, 1975, at 5:45 in the morning at longitude 106.8 (Jakarta)

I notice that I have general star and 7 killing in my day pillar. I learnt that 7 killing can be good or bad depending on the whether the person is female or male, and whether the DM is strong or weak.

I learnt that Geng is a strong DM if the person was born in Autumn. But I was born in southern hemisphere near equator. How does it affect my DM strength?

Are my stars auspicious?

Thank you very much to teachers.

It depends if we want to align it by the Sun or not.
If we want to align it by the Sun, that means we place Wu horse at 12:00 noon and Zi rat at 0:00 midnight, basically.
The idea is that in that way the branches become a movement, it expands at the max light in the day at noon(Sun is highest in the sky), and it contracts at midnight.

Not everyone uses that.
People that do use it, will need to get the position of the Sun in some way. If the calculator doesn't ask for both, it will likely ask for timezone as timezone is a good measure of the missing part.

Thank you. One calculator that I rather trust asks for Longitude and I give my longitude, but it says that the calculator makes adjustment to my birth hour. And that several pillars are in border.
And by changing just 0.8degree of longitude (by eliminating the comma), my Day Master changes from Yang Metal to Yin Fire.

Some Bazi calculators ask for longitude of birth location. Some others ask for both Longitude and Latitude. Some others don't ask at all. Why is that?

How important is the location of birth for Bazi calculation?

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