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What can you tell about these two men.

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Two Men, related but did not know each other.

Both led similar lives. Both died young. What can you determine about them?

14 February 1947 at 19:15
17 November 1966 at 22:45  

Please give the system(s) used to read each person.

Thank you.

Wrong forum, eh?

Birth chart analysis for famous / infamous people

Clarify or I REPORT  :s_mad

Did both inherit or getting good support from Parents in their career?
For both, did they pass away before age 35?
Both have good wealth, but they have problem saving them?
Both emotionally not stable?

Thank you for sharing and for your response Tpy.

What system(s) are you using. Please be more definitive in your answers.


Ren, I am using ZWDS.  

Sorry, what you mean being more definitive?   :s_smile

I can add these:  both also did not enjoy good relationship with spouse.


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