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Health Index TCM


Health Index – TCM

Hi All,

While the Forum is still quiet it is the best time for me to learn something extra. I have chosen the topic Health TCM, I will continue with this subject until I learn extra with ZWDS.

In other forums I did write a few cases about Health, TCM and Bazi, I try now to learn to combine with ZWDS with any help here is welcome.

These topics are just for my archive only, and any errors or miss-calculation is your own risk to believe it.

I will try to use the Theory from the Book that I didn’t read for a long time and now I will discuss that TCM theory with the cases.

Title book: Between Heaven and Earth “A Guide to Chinese Medicine”
Harriet Beinfield (L.Ac.) and Efrem Korngold (L.Ac, O.M.D.) ISBN: 0-345-37974-8

It is good for me to repeat the basics of that book.

The Subjects in the Health-Index will be:

1) Earth element, the Spleen-network
2) Metal element, the Lung-network
3) Water element, the Kidney-network
4) Wood element, the Liver-network
5) Fire element, the Heart-network

-   Colon Cancer
-   Bladder Cancer
-   Brain Cancer
-   Breast Cancer
-   Leukemia
-   Liver Cancer
-   Lymphatic Cancer
-   Multiple Sclerosis
-   Ovarian Cancer
-   Parkinson
-   Prostate Cancer
-   Skin Cancer
-   Stroke
-   Throat Cancer

Extra subjects:
-   Car Accident
-   Miscarriage

All these examples I copy and paste from www.Astro.com files. I didn’t read it yet.

All other examples and comments are welcome; my purpose for this series is to learn extra from this Forum: “Taken is Given” is my Motto (Motive To Others).

This could be one of the biggest Health projects of mine, the next one is to reveal all the calculations of the Saphora FS Calculator (with QMDJ), and so everybody can make it his own calculator too.


Hi All,

Now all Five Organs network had been discussed, here the Index links of Five Organs-network:

1) Health TCM chapter 1: Spleen-network

Health TCM chapter 1b: Spleen-network

2) Health TCM chapter 2: Lung-network

3) Health TCM chapter 3: Kidney-network

4) Health TCM chapter 4: Liver-network

5) Health TCM chapter 5: Heart-network



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