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What in a chart makes one a psycho?


Charles Manson
David Berkowitz, "Son of Sam": Jun 1, 1953, 1652, Brooklyn, NY
David Koresh: Aug 17, 1959, 0849, Houston, TX
George Ridgway: Feb 18, 1949, 0700, Salt Lake City, UT
Jeffrey Dahmer: May 21, 1960, 1634, Milwaukee, WI
John Wayne Gacy: Mar 17, 1942, 0029, Chicago, IL
Joseph Smith: Dec 23, 1805, 1800, Sharon, VT
Ricky Ramirez, "Night Stalker":  Feb 28, 1960, 0207, El Paso, TX
Ted Bundy: Nov 24, 1946, 2235, Burlington, VT

From cultist to killer to rapist, each of these men committed some form of loony criminal behavior. Is there something within BaZi or one of the others that can explain a possible link between them?

Sorry not sure how to edit post but here's the missing info.
Charles Manson: Nov 12, 1934, 1640, Cincinnati, OH

Dahmer has a strong sign of homosexuality.

- Tai Yin + Hua Ji in travel palace, make it double with flying Hua Ji from destiny palace ---> he finds women very annoying.
- Health palace with Tan Lang + Tian Yao + Hua Ji from spouse palace ---> strong sex desire.
- Happiness palace with dark Tai Yang + Hua Lu, make it double with flying Hua Lu from health palace ---> he prefers men as companion.

A bunch of evil stars, dark Lian Zhen + Hua Ji, Wu Qu +  Hua Ji affecting destiny, travel, parents, children palace ---> his life/character is a mess.


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