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Question(s) about Bing DM


Hello,  :) I'm soo interested in BaZi, I just started to read books about it today. I think its a fascinating art. But I have some questions about Bing DM, Its said that Bing doesn't need resource? So, how is its relation to its resource Jia or Yi?

Thank you in advance!  :)

Hi, I am only a novice in Bazi. I'll share what I know (if any members can correct me, please do!).

For a Bing Fire DM :

To determine the strength of its Resource elements, or relate to its 10 Gods (Direct Resource, Indirect Resource), we still look at Jia Wood and Yi Wood.

To determine the strength of the DM itself, we look at the birth hour, rather than Resource elements, unlike other DM.

Bing doesn't need resource. The resource actually needed Bing.


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