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Fame and talents


Dear masters,

recently I stumbled upon this saying: 千里马常有,而伯乐不常有 (Talents are everywhere, however seldom can they be recognized). After reflecting about this, it is somehow the fact especially in this globalized world.

So I was wondering, what to look in the birth chart for this. I gathered some information, which have yet satisfied my curiosity.

I learned, that the combination of 印星 伤食 could bring this. Are their positions on the pillar also crucial? And what other aspects can also put the talent in spotlight?

I hope, masters could give enlightment and I thank you in advance.

P.S: I saw, that there's this one topic about Fame bazi. But since the answers are hidden and the sum to see pretty high, I thought, perhaps I could start this. I hope, you don't mind.  :)


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