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Bill Gates and Melinda Gates divorce


The recent news of Bill Gates and Melinda Gates, one of the richest couples divorces announcement has caught tech and philanthropy world surprise.


Any take from bazi perspective ?

Bill Gates DoB : 28 October 1955

Melinda Gates DoB : 15 August 1964

Hi Bruce

Grand Master Raymond Lo wrote about the divorce on his facebook profile:

--- Quote ---Raymond Lo
6 may 2021  ·
Bill and Melinda Gates are divorcing. In my forecast for year of Ox, I mentioned Bill Gates is suffering Goat Dog Ox Three earth penalty which will affect his relationship. Also this year yin metal combines with his month pillar yang fire- which means his wife and money will be taken away. On the side of Melinda Gates, she is yang fire sitting on Monkey which is her House of Spouse,next to her in her month pillar is yang water on Monkey. This strong power element -water is her husband. Melinda is 56 years in the luck pillar of Tiger which clashes against both Monkeys, shaking up her marriage and husband. This Tiger will also show up in 2022 perhaps it means divorce definitely takes effect in 2022. This year yin metal combines with her yang fire, showing she will gain money.
--- End quote ---


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