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Help : Girls Love & Relationship - Multiple Chaser And Admirers For Years But


10. 08. 2001 - Female

Time Unknown

Additional details : parents divorce , younghest daugther ( 2 brother and 1 elder sister ) , stud until spm and then start working after that ( never enter college or university ) ,  age 19 to 20 already earning rm 10 000 + a month ( alone supporting her mother ). this year between april and may invested in her own business.

This friend of mine got more than 6-8 people is chasing her. every festival  , valentine , monthly valentine got more than 5-8 sending her gifts.. even few guys have been chasing and her for 2-3 years ( not 1 but a few ) - she still continue letting them chase but end up never together with them until today - on and off there will be different new guy appear to add into the list of guys that will be chasing her

but why until today she still end up never accept them and still being single ? a few times in the past she almost wants to be in relationship then end up never materilise ( something will end up happening )

question 1 : never lack of guys , admirers and chaser but still single until today?
question 2 : 3 of her day , month and year pillar is consider 10 evil / defeated days right ?
question 3 : when she will be in relationship ( bf / gf ? )
question 4 : when and what year is her marriage life and what will happen to her marriage life ?
question 5 : next year Ren Yin year - will it form a tripple punishment coz she got 2 snake and 1 monkey in her birth chart?
question 6 : what will happen to her career , life and relationship in this current decade luck pillar?


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