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Quiz 😀 Try and guess this person's life

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This is a very interesting chart which i believe would intrigue many of you. Try and guess what year he was married, family life, wife character, number of children & CAREER 😉

ps. when i tried to guess, i completely missed the year

28 May 1986
TOB: 0630 (Solar Time)

Everyone do just say your deductions, i hope this would be a good discussion case study

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His wife is a very money minded but lazy, talkative, unfaithful and may cheat him. Married around 2015.

I doubt we can guess the exact number of children someone have, if any i believe it's pure luck.

But judging from his wife, she should easily have more than 1 children, have daughter.

For career he is not doing well, unstable career.

yc poon:
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