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Poor choice of c sec date?


Hi everyone, I heard that a relative is scheduled to deliver a baby girl on 15 Dec this year, so I looked up the chart for that day… I believe that she consulted a master so I just cannot fathom why the master would choose that day. Can anyone enlighten me please?

I’m just an amateur trying to learn bazi but I see some issues with that date (I don’t know the hour):
- 7k in birth month
- Zi You destruction between month and day branches (ten gods involved are 7k and IW) - suggests money and boyfriend issues, messy relationships?
-  Ding DM likely born in the daytime (doubt doctors do c sec at night?)
- Ding DM without much resource (if 5-7am - Gui mao - fan yin with day pillar of Ding You; if 7-9am - Jia Chen - but the Jia has no Geng to make it useful)

Am I reading the chart wrong? If it is indeed not a good day, should I tell the relative? I hesitate because I don’t wish to worry her, she doesn’t even know I’ve been learning bazi and she would likely think why should she believe me over a master she paid money to, I don’t wish to interfere unsolicitedly in another’s life, etc.

Any views? Thanks in advance  :)

Posted a screenshot of the chart assuming 7-9am

You're probably right about the relationship / matter. 

Quite a good chart.

 Good chart


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