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Health TCM chapter 1b: Spleen-network


Health TCM chapter 1b: Spleen-network

Hi All,

The next example is about the Famous Family Gibb. For some was it a curse, for me they are Heroes in the music world.

Everybody who wants to study Bazi or ZWDS, they should learn the charts from this Family. Not only there are so many back-ground information that you could validate many events.

This family’s chart will give us more understanding about Health Science and Metaphysics. This is a good example about Biology, DNA and the Law of Mendel.

From this family’s chart I will discuss the charts of Robin and Maurice Gibb first. They are twins. The most common question arises from the “outside world” against Metaphysics was, why come that a twin has different future but the have the same Date of birth.

Normally I said cynically that they were not married with the same wife.

I would think there were misunderstandings and lack of knowledge. Lack of knowledge will lead to confusion and skeptics. What we don’t know, we said then it is fake.

I also want to dig deeper, why the other twin died ten years later, only his time of birth is 35 minutes apart. I also want to share a theory in ZWDS about this twin-phenomenon.



Hi All,

This is very interested topic about twins, IMO. Two issues I would like to highlight it:

1)   Twins born at the same hour, although Robin was born at 3:15 AM, with possible time correction his time could land into the Chou-hour, instead the Yin-hour. This could be explained why he died roughly 9 years later. This is just one of the clues, not the answer.
2)   Repeat as basic theory:
-   Earth-combo: Xu, Chou and Wei
-   Fire-combo: Yin, Shen and Si
-   One or two elements chart
-   Pin and/or Season clash
-   SH and EB conflict

Some basic theory about the Evolution of Distorted Patterns of Earth

For an Earth-type, conflict tends to develop between Earth and Water (Spleen-Kidney) and Earth and Wood (Spleen-Liver). Earth restrains Water, and Wood restrains Earth. Together the Spleen and Kidney organize the distribution and storage of Moisture, whereas the Spleen and Liver govern the allocation and supply of Nutritive Essence and Blood. Disturbance of these relationships creates stagnation of Qi, and Blood.

If we are talking about the Spleen-network or Earth-element, there are others elements involved.
This phenomenon you could read it back in the Doctors report online about the death of Robin:

“Although he came out of his coma later in April,[89] his colorectal cancer had advanced[90] and he died in London on 20 May 2012 at the age of 62 from liver and kidney failure.”

As you could read in the article, there was indeed relationship about Spleen, Liver and Kidney interactions. TCM theory and Bazi in my experiences and IMO is almost 100% correct, I always use those TCM theory to read charts. TCM theory is genuine and less modified and corrected by Masters as in Metaphysics.

However, Maurice who was born at 3:50 AM, had died on 12 Jan 2003, a Zi-year (before 4 Feb 2003) in 10 LP Wei-period.

One of the explanations could be why Robin had died after 9 years with the same time of birth, could be that his time of birth (3:15 AM) a Yin-hour was at the edge of Chou-hour (1:00-3:00 AM). The outside world; most of them “Western World” or “Skepticism world” against Chinese Metaphysics often bombard me with those questions about the future of twins. I always replied as; those twins were not married with the same wife and there are always 5% standard deviation errors of the charts.

I copy for you another theory about Time of birth of twins with ZWDS:

“For twins and above, the Life-Palace for the 1st baby will remain as per normal. As for the 2nd baby, when we determine the Life-Palace, the Birth Time must add 2 hours, i.e. next Bi-Hour. For the third baby, add 4 hours, i.e. 2 Bi-Hours. This goes on and on.”

I don’t go deeper in those Theories yet, because I am not ready for those complicated theories.

I will make for my selves easier to decode, but I will come back about this theory on day, I hope.


Hi All,

As in Ren’s topic about health:


I had shown about the Pin-clash combines with a season clash. This clash was one of the strongest Clash I have known.

In Maurice Gibb’s health those clash are coming back and it is not coincidence, I have seen more than just one example.

The four Cardinals, especially Mao-You and Zi-Wu, are the strongest.

As I had mentioned about the Fire-element fuelled the Earth-element, whereas Earth is becoming stronger and more extreme. This could trigger Maurice Cancer through the blocked intestines, or Colon Cancer.

It is a combination with destruction of his Immune System and extreme Earth.

1)   Double Pin-Clash, Wei/Wu against Zi/Chou, see picture
2)   Earth-combo, Xu, Wei and Chou
3)   Fire-combo, Wu, Yin and Xu

In this example it is very clear that the Theory of TCM really works and applicable. As you could see in his chart, it is 100% correct about his health.

I would think that he had suffered especially around the Colon-Bowel organs was not coincidence rather written in his chart and health.


Hi All,

I found finally the picture of the Earth-pattern.

This Theory I always use for decoding Bazi-charts.

As you could see in the picture there are three Spleen patterns:

1)   Harmonic. In the Harmonic Spleen pattern, the Heart and Lung maintain stability while the Kidney and Liver provide the tension necessary for movement and adaptation.
2)   Exaggerated. In the Exaggerated Spleen pattern, the Heart and Lung become hyperactive and the Kidney and Liver become hypersensitive and erratic.
3)   Collapse. In the Collapsed pattern, the Heart and Lung become drained and weakened while the Kidney and Liver become overbearing and congested.

Some Masters use the Day Master as a reference for Health factor. I have mixed feelings about this Theory. Some Masters also use the Day Master for Feng Shui purposes instead of the Ming-Gua, I have also mixed feelings about this too.

I still have mixed feelings about the “Follow Leader Charts” phenomenon. If for example the Day Master is extreme weak, and it said you must support the control elements. If the exhausted elements are extreme Fire-elements, according to “Follow Leader Chart” you must support more Fire.

In TCM Theory Fire is than in exaggerated formation, it means his Heart is overloaded with Fire and according to the “Follow Leader Chart” you must save or rescue him by put more Fire into his Heart. I would think if you do that he definitely gets a Heart-attack.

Mixed feelings could also mean, my knowledge is still limited to understand those Theories. I know that I am a stubborn person.

This could be also one of the reasons why some Grand-Masters when they see the “Follow Leader Chart” they reject decoding them. I would think they had made mistakes in the past before and now they are suspicious and be more careful in decoding those charts avoiding their reputations. (example: <!-- l -->topic113.html<!-- l --> )



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