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As of now she's facing prison for tax fraud in Spain. Her DOB is 2 Feb 1977. It just so happens she started her new LP this year.

Which birth hour fits her life? What do y'all think will happen?

Her birth hour is already known ---> snake. Not sure if it's official or retrieved from memory.

If we check with ZWDS, her wealth palace indicates a serious problem: Tai Yin + Tuo Luo + Di Jie. It's also her current decade life palace.

Her wealth and property problems are related to siblings and parents (government), as indicated by flying Hua Ji.


Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll born: February 2, 1977 at 10:08 am Barranquilla - Colombia 8)

--- Quote ---Which birth hour fits her life?
--- End quote ---
- Hour of the Metal Snake :)

--- Quote ---What do y'all think will happen?
--- End quote ---
- He is currently in the 10-year luck pillar : DING - YOU (2016-2026)  and pillar:  XING NIAN : BING-ZI.  >:( :o
DING fire is her husband's element and He wants to melt it (Metal). Shakira will become more involved in work and children. EB YOU - is the star of the sword - fight, robbery, accidents, cuts. There is no indication that she has gone to prison. There will be a fight for money.

Her pillar of the day: GENG-YIN in the year of the dragon (2025) undergoes a successful transformation 8)



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