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Health TCM chapter 2: Lung-network

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Hi All,

Health TCM chapter 2: Lung-network

I have read some charts about Lung illness and it is not easy to decode them, in real life 30% of the charts I won't recognize as Lung Cancer. It was indirect related to Metal or Lung-network, rather indirect to Heart and Liver. Some Masters refer it to Metal element, includes the skin. Hence it is much related to motion sickness such as Parkinson and Alzheimer. I try not to go deeper in that Master’s examples, but rather keep it simple for my selves.

Some basics TCM of the Lung-Network:

-   Refines the Qi
-   Establishes rhythm
-   Maintain boundaries and defenses

-   Lung
-   Large Intestine

-   Nose, Sinuses, Nasopharynx, Bronchi
-   Skin and mucous membranes
-   Body hair, sclera of the eye

Fluids and Secretions:
-   Mucus secretions

The polarities between Metal and Wood (Lung and Liver), and Metal and Fire (Lung and Heart), characterize the Metal type.

As you could see in the picture about the Metal: Lung Patterns, there are three patterns:

1)   Harmonic. In the Harmonic Lung pattern, the Spleen and Kidney maintain stability while the Liver and Heart provide the tension necessary for movement and adaptation.
2)   Exaggerated. In the Exaggerated Lung Pattern, the Spleen and Kidney become hyperactive and the Liver and Heart become hypersensitive and erratic.
3)   Collapsed. In the Collapsed pattern, the Spleen and Kidney become drained and weakened while the Liver and Heart become overbearing and congested.



Hi All,

Here is the Bazi of Albert Edwards and DOB, see picture 20 Feb 1951, 12:39 pm.

It was not easy to find a good chart to refer the Lung-Cancer. In general speaking Lung-Cancer mostly refers to smoking, or Fire (Chemicals rather than heat of cigarettes) destroys Metal (Lung).

As we have seen in TCM theory, Lung-cancer could refer to the unbalance of Fire and Wood against Metal, in collapsed or in exaggerated formation.

The interaction of Five elements towards Metal (Lung organ) is much complicated than just control or produce cycle. This is the reason why it is hard to find a good example for Lung cancer. Some Masters refer to Motion-illness, Parkinson or Alzheimer, because if you look for an example for pure Metal-conflict is hard to find.

Immune system conflict refers to the Basics:

1) Earth-combo: Xu, Chou and Wei
2) Fire-combo: Yin, Shen and Si
3) One or two elements chart
4) Pin and/or Season clash
5) HS and EB conflict

In Albert Edwards is simple and easy to see about Metal/Wood conflict.

It is maybe coincidence that he had movie-roles like: Fool-Killer and Villainous role.

If you want to see if someone is courage and brave, there is always a HS/EB conflict in his chart. Some called it Brave and Courage, some called it Villainous or having the intention to be an Out-Law.

As I had explained earlier, HS/EB conflict refers the chaotic of Qi-movement in our Body and Mind. In this example Wood/Metal conflict is in general not a good Bazi to have.

His mother had died from Brain Cancer; some Masters referred it to Alzheimer illness as above. Again there is motion-illness in the family.

He died in 2006, a Xu year in his You/Shen 10 LP, another sign of Metal-influence. As you also could see in his last 10 years of his life, his 10 LP was again HS/EB Wood/Metal conflict; an unstable last 10 years.

In this example is good to see that TCM really works, and he had died in a not coincidence circumstances. It was almost written in his Destiny, minutes after Birth.


Hi All,

I would like to share you all another example of Wood influences to Metal and Fire.

It is about the Brain Cancer, you may ask what has it to do with the Topic Lung (Metal element).

I have that same question too when I read a Master example about Lung network and he refers it to Brain or Alzheimer, Parkinson or motion illness under influence of Wood.

Let’s check together why that Master wants to tell us. His example was about Ronald Reagan and Michael J. Fox.

My example is about Brigitte Theler, born 1 February 1959, 9:40 AM. She was Swiss Professional Astrologer!

Next time I will discuss it further.


Hi All,

In the Bazi of Brigitte Theler (a Professional Swiss Astrologer, she should know about this.), we could see clearly her main elements are Wood in conflict with Earth.

The Earthly Branch often refers as 70% importance of the chart. Here we see it back with the basic theory about Health:

Immune system conflict refers to the Basics:

1) Earth-combo: Xu, Chou and Wei
2) Fire-combo: Yin, Shen and Si
3) One or two elements chart
4) Pin and/or Season clash
5) HS and EB conflict

You could say Fire will fuel Earth and makes Earth stronger. Wood is than in conflict with Earth, another bad sign.

As we have seen in other examples, a Fire combo with an Earth-combo will lead to dangerous combination.

When Earth and Fire combos appear, Wood will be weak like some Masters refer Wood or to motion-illness, or Alzheimer, in this example the Brain cancer.

When Wood, Metal or Fire will be disturbed the Lung Network will be under stress too. It is a game of Five organs network and not just one Metal-element in Collapsed or Exaggerated formation. In this example is a bit more complicated related to the Lung-network.

I have received many worried e-mails from members who had some similarity in their chart. Those charts belong to Famous people, who are dealing daily under stressful circumstances and had put under highly pressure. They are also rich, fame and glory, we are ordinary people, we are not them and we will not face the same Destiny and Health. So you don’t have to feel miserable if you have such kind of combo, only in rare circumstances it will trigger.

What I am passionate about Metaphysics and Health is that it seems so logic and natural like the high tide and low tide of the sea.

For example why she has to have an operation in 2001, and not in 2000 or 1999, why?

2001 is the Si-year, the fourth Grows structure, part of the strong Fire-combo.

Also year 2007, is another remarkable year, coincidence her new Shen 10 LP, which forms a completed Shen, Yin, and Si, the famous Fire-combo. Believe me, year 2007 was not coincidence for her, it is so true and logic.

As we all know from the Masters writing in books, that our immune system, which related to Water-element, is very sensitive to those Fire and Earth-combo.

Again now you all see why I am passionate about TCM Health, and I need to explore more. Surely with ZWDS you must see it the same, 100% guaranteed.


Hi Saphora,
Really appreciate your posts on TCM and Bazi /Zi Wei.
I am also very interested in this field.
I really like the way you use examples from astro.com.
Keep up the good work.
Borneo219 aka Beng Kung


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