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Health TCM chapter 3: Kidney-network


Hi All,

Health TCM chapter 3: Kidney-network

As we have seen in Spleen and Lung networks, there are three types of patterns, so has the Kidney network:

1)   Harmonic pattern
2)   Collapsed pattern
3)   Exaggerated pattern

Harmonic pattern also often refers as the Way of the Tao; we try to achieve the Balance of Life to achieve the maximum life-time.

In Bazi it could refer to the Day Master as a reference of its strength, Weak or Strong in TCM it has some similarities. If you deepened in Bazi you will notice that the Theory of TCM quite similar with the Basics of Bazi. You could use both Theories to decode charts; you will see how amazing it correlates with each other.

In this topic I am upgrading the difficulties of decoding and I am using two examples:
-   Collapsed Kidney network (Christy Mihos: DOB 13 June 1949, 13:57 pm)
-   Exaggerated Kidney network (Stephen Stills: DOB 3 Jan 1945, 24:15 pm)

Again some repeated Basics:

Immune system conflict refers to the Basics:

1) Earth-combo: Xu, Chou and Wei
2) Fire-combo: Yin, Shen and Si
3) One or two elements chart
4) Pin and/or Season clash
5) HS and EB conflict

Some basics TCM of the Kidney-Network:

-   Generates and stores Essence
-   Governs reproduction and growth
-   Balances fluids anchors Qi

-   Kidney
-   Bladder

-   Ovaries, Testes, Brain, Spinal Cord, Spinal Column
-   Bones, Bone marrow, teeth, pubic and head hair
-   Inner ear, pupil of the eye, anus and urethra

Fluids and Secretions:
-   Sexual secretions
-   Cerebrospinal fluid

Domination by the Kidney particularly stirs conflict with the Heart (Fire) and Spleen (Earth). The Yin nature of the Kidney is characterized by Coldness and Moisture. Excess of Yin dampens the Fire of the Heart and the digestive Fire of the Stomach and Spleen. The Kidney rules the Lower body as the Heart and Lung rule the Upper region.

As you could see in the picture about the Water: Kidney Patterns, there are three patterns:

1)   Harmonic. In the Harmonic Kidney pattern, the Lung and Liver maintain stability while the Heart and Spleen provide the tension necessary for movement and adaptation.
2)   Exaggerated. In the Exaggerated Kidney Pattern, the Lung and Liver become hyperactive and the Heart and Spleen become hypersensitive and erratic.
3)   Collapsed. In the Collapsed Kidney pattern, the Lung and Liver become drained and weakened while the Heart and Spleen become overbearing and congested.



Hi All,

Here are the two attachments of:

-   Christy Mihos: DOB 13th June 1949, 13:57 pm.
-   Stephen Stills: DOB 3rd January 1945, 00:15 am.

These examples are exclusive for FiveArts.info, I haven’t seen in Health books yet. This is also the first time I write about this phenomenon.

You all probably have heard about Kidney-illness, but not what I have described as above in two Patterns:

-   Collapsed pattern of the Kidney-network
-   Exaggerated pattern of the Kidney-network

The two examples were related to the common Men-Health: Prostate Cancer.

I try to find next time to write about also Women-Health: Ovarian Cancer.


Hi All,

In this example we could see the basic Theory back, this example is new for me and I see it for the first time too.

It is so amazing about TCM and Bazi, it is so true and logic. If you look at the President of the USA, Barack Obama’s chart you could see some similarities with this chart.

Believe me, when Barack Obama will have an operation I will show you all again that his illness will be not coincidence. I don’t go further otherwise the FBI will suspect me for something else. Now they are hiding it, but soon it will come out.

In Christy Mihos’s chart you could see the basics again:

1)   Earth Combo, Wei, Chou & Xu
2)   A Pin Clash his Zi 10 LP with hise year Chou against his month Wu. Although he had an operation in year Hai 2007 (Water-season) and month Wei July (Fire-season). Water and Fire conflict.
3)   1 or 2 elements EB, his Earthly branch in his chart: Chou, Wu, Xu and Wei forms almost Fire fuelled Earth again.
4)   HS /EB conflict, month and day pillars are in conflict formation.

In his story he also had cancerous Skin lesions. Why Skin problems too?

When the Kidney-network is in Collapsed pattern, it means Water is drying out by Fire and Earth, as you all know Water needs Metal (Skin) to support it, when Water is dying it means Metal has not the strength to support Water; otherwise Water is not in Collapsed pattern. Five organs network are trying to balance it, when it is unbalanced the network will be collapsed too. Even his 10 LP is Zi (Water-season) is not strong enough to support his Kidney-network. This Pin-Clash as I had discussed before it will release enormous energy that it will cause destruction in our organs rather than support it. Other explanation could be that the waste in his body due a collapsed immune system will poison his skin, and the Fire also suppresses the Skin too.

As you all know Cancer won’t happen overnight, at least 8 years back it had already triggered his illness. His previous 10 LP was coincidence the Chou LP, one of the Earth-combo.

Here we see that the Collapsed Kidney-network had caused Prostate Cancer.

In the next example we see it back that Exaggerated Kidney-network will also cause Prostate Cancer. Both patterns will cause Prostate Cancer; this phenomenon is unique and exclusive for Fivearts.info. You don’t see it Feng Shui courses or even in books.

In these two examples we see it very clearly, true and logic that the Theory of TCM is so wonderful and amazing related to Health and Bazi. I am a Beginner and I need more to explore, this is the reason why I am here: to learn.

Surely you all have lots of questions, later on we will discuss deeper in the chart, maybe also with ZWDS too; now just in big picture.


Hi All,

I have attached the Bazi of Stephen Stills who had a cancerous Prostate operation in January 2008.

The Water-domination in his chart is clearly to see. In this case his Prostate Cancer is under influence of the Exaggerated Kidney-network.

It is amazing to see that TCM correlates with Bazi and Health; it surprises me every time I look at it, so wonderful that TCM really works.

As you could see in the picture the whole Earthly Branch in his chart is one bundle of Water.

You need just a year or 10 LP to trigger it. Prostate Cancer had been triggered in his previous Wu Fire-season LP. As I have mentioned in other topics too, that Water/Fire conflict is one of the main cause for triggering the tremendous damage in the organs.

His operation 2008, a Water-season had been clashed with his Fire 10 LP season. It is obviously that the Water/Fire conflict had been triggered his health and operation.

In one of the Master’s book, he did have just one example about the influence of Water in Osama Bin Laden’s chart. He didn’t have other examples; otherwise I could let you see it. In the Master’s example he referred the Water/Fire conflict more to the Heart and Blood pressure, and as Water the immune system. I will come back in my other topic about the Heart and Liver network.

Please do not worry when you have similar chart like this, we are ordinary people and not like them Fame, celebrities and Presidents. We don’t face daily stress like them.

In this topic we could see that Prostate Cancer could be caused by two influences of the Kidney-network: Collapsed and Exaggerated pattern.

I don’t know how you all feel, but I feel delightful every time I see the connection between TCM, Bazi and Health. It gives me more motivation to explore deeper in the subject.


Very interesting.
Mr Mihos was an extreme weak chart, with successes in 1998, Wu Yin year (Yin-Wu-Xu season), Chou luck period.

Extreme weak Wood doesn't like support from water and wood.

Interesting that water-related health problems appered only after when water appeared in 10-year-luck and annual luck.
There was no problem until water appeared!
In Zia-Ji he had Wu-Zi conflict, appearence of Zi water caused problems.
Jia may have caused skin (metal) problems because of Jia-Geng conflict.
Jia and Zi caused conflicts.

And no problems until there was no water.

I'm wondering if we can simply say: water collapsed at that time.
Note that Water was even weaker before that time! (But was not present.)

We can have two different conclusions:
- only appearance of water caused water problems - water was present, but was too weak and conflicted and so collapsed, which triggered problems (so it's better not to have water at all that have weak water)
- the coming of water, which is bad for extreme weak Wood DM, triggered problems to the chart, simply because water is not welcome (so water like a thief stole health).

In the first case we would like to empower water, in the latter - weaken it.

I'm just wondering if extreme charts need the same balance in terms of health, as normal charts. They never like balance in terms of luck. Is it different with health? May be.


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