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Health TCM chapter 4: Liver-network


Health TCM chapter 4: Liver-network

Hi All,

Some basics Theory:

Immune system conflict refers to the Basics:

1) Earth-combo: Xu, Chou and Wei
2) Fire-combo: Yin, Shen and Si
3) One or two elements chart
4) Pin and/or Season clash
5) HS and EB conflict

Why I always refer to those 5 basics? It is all I have and need to remember when I read charts. Maybe one day you all see the same as I do.

The evolution of distorted patterns of Wood

Understanding the interdependent dynamic between Wood-Earth (Liver-Spleen) and Wood-Metal (Liver-Lung) gives us insight into people’s illness. When the relationship between these forces and functions is disturbed, distortions evolve in predictable patterns. Corresponding to the arousing power of Wood in nature, the Liver awakens, mobilizes, and coordinates human process.

Wood: Liver patters:

1)   Harmonic. In the Harmonic Liver pattern, the Kidney and Heart maintain stability while the Spleen and Lung provide the tension necessary for movement and adaptation.
2)   Exaggerated. In the Exaggerated Liver pattern, the Kidney and Heart become hyperactive, and the Spleen and Lung become hypersensitive and erratic.
3)   Collapsed. In the Collapsed pattern, the Kidney and Heart become drained and weakened while the Spleen and Lung become overbearing and congested.

These three patterns you should use as in Bazi to decode charts. There are always interactions with 5 aspects of life: Friend, Output, Wealth, Power and Resource. These TCM Theory is genuine and didn't change over time like in Feng Shui or in other Astrology teachings by Masters.

If Wood is for a Day Master a Wealth-aspect, you should fill and check if there are other relations that could influence the Wealth-factor according to those three patterns.



Hi All,

In the Liver Network we have two Liver imbalance patterns. In a Master example he had an example for Nicole Kidman and another example Ms. Tomato for Weak Wood influence. Weak Wood in his example was caused under influence of Strong Fire and Strong Metal.
Although in Astro.com nothing was written about Osteoporosis for Nicole Kidman, only in press-speculation. I try to look later on more about Osteoporosis under influence of Wood. The Master example he referred Wood to Liver, limbs, motion, skeleton and bones.

I choose however to make easy for me as a Beginner the Bazi charts of Rory Marcato DOB 13 April 1943, 1:40 am and the chart of Richard Houck DOB 13 April 1947, 24:51 am, later on we will go deeper in the subject. Coincidence bot were born on 13th of April. There are more complicated examples to go; also we go deeper in the influence of the 5 Organs networks versus the Day Master element.

It is good and I fully support it that other members are discussing this subject like Ren did that. It is too slow to wait for me; I am quite busy as an excuse.

Interesting we have here another Professional Astrologer, this time an American, last time it was a Swiss professional Astrologer. What I like about that American Astrologer was that he predicted his own death and he was also famous with his book “the Astrology of Death”.

If he really knows about his death, he should know about his Liver-Cancer. Only TCM, Bazi and Health we could trace some of these illness.

In the Bazi of Richard Houck we see the 5 basics Theory back about the Heavenly Stem in conflict with the Earthly Branch. According to the TCM, his body and mind is in chaotic formation. It means his body and mind are not stable. Obviously his mind was cloudy to write a book about “DEATH”. Surely in ZWDS there was also theory about the Death too.

I sometimes say that the “Death” is forbidden to “Learn and to Teach”.


Hi All,

I have found correction about Rory Marcato online:

“"On July 31, 1986, at 11:45 PM at the Thomas E. Starzel Transplant Institute in Pittsburgh, PA, Rory had a liver transplant. He continued his research and wrote a book about his findings. He suffered a stroke October 21, 1994, because of the medications he took for the transplant and died January 13, 1995, c. 3 or 4 AM, in the Austin Hospital in Austin, TX.”

In this example another American Astrologer, who had suffered from a Liver illness and finally a Stroke and died from his illness.

In his Bazi you could see clearly that his chart was under high influence of Earth-element. I will go deeper in his chart later on and I will come back in this topic, now just in big picture.

In TCM when Wood (Liver) is not strong enough to suppress Earth (Spleen), Earth will be exaggerated and Wood will be in Collapsed pattern.

I want also highlight his Liver transplant coincidence in 1986 a Yin-year, and his 10 LP was a Hai, Fire-combo is almost been formed.

Another coincidence in year 1994 year of Xu (Dog) he had a stroke (Heart-attack) and died also in year of Xu (before 4 Feb 1995). Please look also the date-chart of the day he died, wow again.

Year 1994 is year Xu, where as the Earth-combo: Xu, Chou and Wei is completed. This Earth-combo is so strong that his Heart cannot balance his body heat. As we all know that when Earth-combo is strong it destroys the Water-network, some refers it to the Life-force or Essence of life.

Again this Liver-network is under influence of another Earth-combo. Too many coincidences about this phenomenon, that I have no doubt about this accuracy of TCM, Bazi and Health.

Slowly you all will see the same as me how beautiful this subject can be, and again it amazes me very time I look at it.

After the Liver-network I will come back about the Heart-attack phenomenon under influence of Fire-combo and Earth-combo.



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