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Health TCM chapter 5: Heart-network

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Health TCM chapter 5: Heart-network

Hi All,

Some basics Theory:

Immune system conflict refers to the Basics:

1) Earth-combo: Xu, Chou and Wei
2) Fire-combo: Yin, Shen and Si
3) One or two elements chart
4) Pin and/or Season clash
5) HS and EB conflict

Why I always refer to those 5 basics? It is all I have and need to remember when I read charts. Maybe one day you all see the same as I do. This will be as a foundation for my Health-topics.

The evolution of distorted patterns of Fire

For the Fire type the key relationships are between the Heart and Lung (Fire restrains Metal) and between the Heart and Kidney (Water inhibits Fire). When excessively strong, the Qi of the Heart can attack the Lung. The Qi becomes too dispersed, leaving the envelope of the skin open and loose, unable to guard the body and contain the Essence and Spirit. Dominated by the Heart, the Lung cannot adequately nurture the Kidney. The Kidney becomes weak, and Water cannot properly restrain Fire.

Fire: Heart patterns:

1) Harmonic. In the Harmonic Heart pattern, the Liver and Spleen maintain stability while the Lung and Kidney provide the tension necessary for movement and adaptation.
2) Exaggerated. In the Exaggerated Heart pattern, the Liver and Spleen become hyperactive, and the Lung and Kidney become hypersensitive and erratic.
3) Collapsed. In the Collapsed pattern, the Liver and Spleen become drained and weakened while the Lung and Kidney become overbearing and congested.

These three patterns you should use as in Bazi to decode charts. There are always interactions with 5 aspects of life: Friend, Output, Wealth, Power and Resource. This TCM Theory is genuine and didn't change over time like in Feng Shui or in other Astrology teachings by Masters.

If Fire is for a Day Master a Wealth-aspect, you should fill and check if there are other relations that could influence the Wealth-factor according to those three patterns.


Hi Saphora,
Thank you for your good researches and partage...

Benson Yeo articles about health, just as a complement...
Maybe this link will be useful to someone, just click to 'Health' you will have all TCM organs and functions.

Benson Yeo :
"There are many causes to a heart problems, and it can be found in our date of birth meaning the date we are born.
Some called it hereditary diseases.
The Nature and Environment in our date of birth that causes heart problems;
    The liver is not healthy
    Too much Metal
    Fire is trap inside Goat
    Horse and rat Clash
    Horse and goat Combine
    Too Cold
    Too Hot" etc...





--- Quote from: "Axis" ---Horse and rat Clash
Horse and goat Combine
--- End quote ---

Hi Axis,

Wow! What a coincidence. Yesterday I was selecting a chart for my next post. Unbelievable what I have chosen you already had selected for me simultaneously.

You still don't believe it was coincidence, right? I will prove to you that we have met before that it was not coincidence like the "Fall of FiveArts.net and the Rise of FiveArts.info". When you see the Secrets of the Universe and what had happened around us, it is beautifully Destined from our Mother Nature. You feel more relax towards life, even in bad times.

Those Theories what you have described above, I did write in previous Forum, Mr. Derek Walters referred as a Pin-Clash or Hairpins.

A Pin-Clash is a Clash between a duo Zodiac against a single Zodiac (180 degrees in opposite). Normal Clash as we know in books is between a single Zodiac against a single Zodiac.

A duo zodiac could compare with the Yang and Yin pair formation.

For example for Yang and Yin pair:

1) Zi and Chou = a Rat is a Inventor and a Ox carries out his plan and determination, together it called = Creativity
2) Yin and Mao = a Tiger wins a war by Force  (authority) and a Mao wins a war by diplomacy, together it called = Expansion
3) Chen and Si = a Dragon refers to excitement and a Snake to secretion, together it called = Magic
4) Wu and Wei = a Horse refers to comradeship and a Goat to Partnership, together it called = Gender
5) Shen and You = a Monkey refers to Craftsmanship and a Rooster to Artistry, together it called = Skill
6) Xu and Hai = a Dog referes to Exterior matters and a Pig to Interior matters, together it called = Home

In Axis example, it refers to a Clash between a Zi and a Wu, now the next example of mine you all could see the devastated effects of the Pin-Clash. It is much stronger than a normal clash. Again in Axis example it refers to a combination of Wu and Wei, in other examples we have seen this kind of combination before.

I have selected the two examples about the Stroke that had caused a Heart-attack. In these example you see the 5 Basics back, this is one of the reason I keep repeating it.

1) Troisi Massimo DOB, 19 February 1953, 2.00 am
2) Alan Longmuir DOB, 20 June 1948, 23.35 pm


Dear Saphora,

Nice post..  :thumbup:  I will learn from you about bazi and health.
Health always interesting topic. Today when i search about bazi, i found fivearts again and i join again. :)
I will read your post first. Thanks for sharing..


--- Quote from: "Jakasembung" ---Dear Saphora,

Nice post..  :thumbup:  I will learn from you about bazi and health.
Health always interesting topic. Today when i search about bazi, i found fivearts again and i join again. :)
I will read your post first. Thanks for sharing..
--- End quote ---

Welcome to fivearts.info!




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