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Friedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher (1844-1900)

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Introduction note by Jlim:

Friedrich Nietzsche, was a German philologist, philosopher, cultural critic, poet and composer.  He also had an outstanding awe-inspiring mustache.

15 October 1844 at 10:00 (= 10:00 AM ).  Accuracy rating on the hour is B (the order is AA, A, B, C, DD, X, XX)

 Ding   Wu     Jia     Jia
  Si     Chen   Xu    Chen

I posted his chart as an example for the topic of education in bazi: 論學歷 - On Education.  Since many members got interested in looking at his whole life, not only his education, I am splitting the discussion to this topic. 

Please continue the spirited discussion!

Hi All,

I have a problem with 1844, I find Jia Chen year - 1901 was xin chou year




Solar calendar 1700-2100 free download kindly share by Harmen Mesker (tks...):



Thanks Axis, I typed the wrong Year Pillar, it should be Jia Chen, instead of Jia Xu.  And my original post has been corrected.

Thanks Jlim, many Thanks to all !

Try this calculator for Nietzsche chart details...

http://bazi-calculator.com/    +++ Karma @Voytek



What makes me think in Nietzsche chart, Chen Year & Xu Month, Xu is Sui Po and DHHS Xin - Xin is HO, the chong clash between YEB and MEB open the tombs, Metal Xin HHS is 3 Qi phase for Xu EB, it is under the great attack of Wood Qi Sha HSs Jia, helped by Yi HHS in 2 Chen EBs; Water etc... What do you think about this formation (health & so...)

Thank you


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