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We moved him very far (2000 miles) in the Geng direction. That would cause a clash with his Bing DM, correct?
Or perhaps the effect isn't that significant?
There's no direct clash with Day master here. Geng is the direction of the element that Bing controls.

Is Asia considered East or West from the US in Bazi?
Traditionally Asia considered East from the US in Bazi.

My son's chart I cannot figure out because he's a bing DM, Xin hour but doesn't combine into Ren because month is Xu. He needs Ren, but north is Zi, which would clash with Wu (day).

If he needs Ren, then N1 and NW3 is Okey (pls, see screenshot). This is not exact opposite route. Besides, for Bing Wu pillar, direction of Hai (Pig) can be favorable.

He needs wood, so maybe East?
There is a lot of dry earth in his chart, so Yang wood helps to control and loosen earth. Wood is also Resource for DM.
E1 (Jia) is Okey.

It is not advisable to warm up his bazi, so the south direction is not suitable.

How far south? For example, would one mile suffice?
The farther the move, the stronger the effect.

Is Irvine, CA considered west or SW?
West-1, Geng

How about San Diego, CA?
West-1, Geng

My marriage is important to me. Would moving in a certain direction negativity affect my marriage?
In order to determine this, it is necessary to evaluate the bazi charts of all family members who are moving to a new place.

I am still learning. I looked up 12 palaces system as you suggested. Is that zwds?
This is one of the BaZi methods.

What are your thoughts regarding which direction I should move for career and income? I've been told south is a good direction for me, but I do not like what's available south of my birth place.

Day master is not strong enought to control metal (wealth) and or to withstand the water (authority). Moving to western direction  (247.6 - 292.5º) reinforces the wealth element. However, to become wealthy one need help and support of others or through working partnerships. I assume you've been told that South is a good because it strengthens Day master, especially Wu (Horse) one. When moving south, it will be easier to gain recognition in your social circle.

East direction means Resourses and Noblemen. So South, SE, East help to strengthen and support Day master in the case of relocation.
SW is not a very good due to several negative factors.

If you are familiar with the 12 palaces system, you can check which areas of life will be activated when moving in the chosen direction. Depends on your priorities in life.

Birth Location: 33.7490° N, 84.3880° W

If I entered the location data correctly, then the birthplace is the city of Atlanta?
Please, find attached the location screenshot.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Fan yin?
« on: May 15, 2022, 12:44:07 AM »
Do I have fan yin day and month pillar?
No. Fan Yin is Ding/Si Gui/Hai.

Birth chart analysis for famous / infamous people / Re: Johnny Depp
« on: May 14, 2022, 07:38:14 PM »
Actually, I think they are both abusive and caused hurt (physical or emotional) to each other. Hopefully, this might be some form of clash that can be picked up, so that we will learn what to look for in other relationships.

Some notes about their compatibility are in this thread:

Amber is look beautiful without a doubt, but she's not as perfect for Johnny as Vanessa was.

Kwei (the husband in the Amber bazi) receives the Death scene (qi phase) in Shen (her marriage palace). The couple may have some problems in their life together. An official marriage for this couple was not desirable.

Shen in the Amber chart is a void for Johnny. For a life together, this is not very good - the couple has little chance of maintaining a relationship for a long run. Although their marriage patterns are perfect for each other, in addition, the stars located in the Palaces of Marriage are Red Phoenixes for each other - these people are constantly atracted to each other.

Johnny and Amber were in love, but let's not forget about the 25-year age difference. Unfortunately, it was difficult for this couple to stay together for a long time.

Birth chart analysis for famous / infamous people / Re: Johnny Depp
« on: May 14, 2022, 06:09:33 PM »
Here is two bazi charts attached (Johnny Depp and Amber Heard) to look at compatibility.

Thanks. In your opinion, is it better for this person to work alone or in a group?
Day Master is strong enough to solve tasks without the help of others or work individually. However, communication and interaction with others can be beneficial (to enhance the water element in the chart).

I'm trying to study bazi by examining some charts, this person is unhappy with his job but can't find a different path. Any suggestions? In addition to the work he does in the field of education, he is also a very gifted musician but in that field he has never managed to earn money. What I see is that production is hampered...

xRen,His output  is hurting officer, that's why I say that his production is hindered, Ding who generates Wu... I imagine him  tired and irritable, this person in fact has a certain amount of aggression, even if his heart is sweet ...
I wonder how he could use WU to his advantage, even for work.There will be a way ...

Strong fire hardens earth that may lead Output is not very dynamic. Metal can be used to release qi. There is Shen in hour pillar. His own ideas and projects, also his students can improve his money income.
Music and vocal are considered metal element, also Money fo Day master.

As to his aggression, a lot of fire, week water and he probably has a liver problem.

Birth chart analysis for famous / infamous people / Re: Johnny Depp
« on: May 13, 2022, 05:08:28 PM »
Anyone has seen or done a comparison chart of both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Bazi charts during their marriage?
Do you like to know how compatible they are?  8) :-*

Helloo just wanna ask , I love football just curious who will win uefa conference league final
Roma vs Feyenoord , btw love football hate gambling :
 Location Tirana , Albania may 25 2022
AS Roma Coach Jose mourinho dob 26 January 1963 time : unknown
Feyenoord coach Arne Slot dob 17 September 1978 time : unknown

I will prefer Roma but don’t know if they will win or feyenoord will win
You answer my dear friend ????
Hello Uranus!
Do you know which team will be the host and which will be the guest?

For a more accurate forecast, of course, one still need to know dob of the leading players in addition to coaches. But such evaluation of many charts takes a lot of time.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Geng born in Si
« on: May 07, 2022, 05:44:35 PM »
I take this opportunity to ask about the Zi Mao punishment, is it active even if the two are not adjacent?
A bit offtop of this thread. There are some answers in this one:

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Geng born in Si
« on: May 06, 2022, 08:34:33 PM »
What is still unclear to me is how the season of the snake is at the same time the season in which the metal is dead and the strong phase of the Chang Sheng 長 生 for the metal, it seems to me a contradiction ...

Some notes about by master Benson Yeo that may be helpful:
"Geng born in the Snake month, Snake is the growth of metal; there is also Wu within Snake. Bing cannot melt metal, so Geng is not fearful of scorching fire. Bing can be useful but must first have Ren to provide balance. Majority of metal born in summer like Ren first, then Wu and Bing. When these three elements appear, one can obtain top certification or recognition easily, if genetrates one or two, will be somebody (personage)."

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Geng born in Si
« on: May 06, 2022, 04:01:51 AM »
Yes, I had seen the penalty, but there is also the combination of snake and monkey  in water, which could decrease the intensity of the penalty.
The combination of snake and monkey in water is not supported by the season. Need incoming years and Luck Pillars for the transformation to take place.

So what do you think, fire is favorable or not?
Likely favorable or neutral. Have you checked the periods with fire?

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