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Si Zhu Ba Zi (SZBZ) 四柱八字 / 旺相休囚死 vs 12长生
« on: July 19, 2017, 02:29:46 PM »
Hi all,

I am just starting bazi and have come across this term "旺相休囚死". My understanding is that it depicts the strength of each element in season. So for the season, i am supposed to look at the EB of the month pillar to determine the strength of my day HS.

I see that that is also a popular term called 12长生. it seems to me that it tells all about the daymaster for all the 4 pillars ,depending on each pillar EB.

Am i right to say the above?

Hi nakata11

good to see another 84 born person  :D
guess that year produce a lot of hard charts to figure it out.

Sorry to drift about bazi, but i would like to know ur zwds chart.
since you born between times.

i check both hours

tell me when did you change job? any of this dates 2014 - 2015?

you have a very good chart either way :D

I am in the same job except that i was promoted last year. Hence more managing role compared to before.

Also i got married last year.


 try ask 1 other question to ppl here. Ask if your chart can take full metal LPs?

Hi Chitchat, can my chart take full metal LPs?  :P

Your certificate birthtime?? You are in borderline time. If your birthime is 7am so it will be mao hour(sundial time).

Normally your chart need fire.

I rmb that it is around 7 plus.. definitely more than 10 mins past 7

Dear all, i have been to two different bazi masters. One is saying that my favourable element should be fire as it is lacking in my chart. The theory is that to balance out all elements.

The other school of thought is that since i am a weak day master wood, i should focus more on water and wood which will support my weak wood day master.

Who is correct?

MyDOB is
21 jan 84
7.00 am

Thank you!


@nakata11 bro :

That's what it means from Life perspective. If your Decade luck is good, you might be able to accumulate some. After that, it depends on how you store it. And don't spend beyond your capability, etc.

either way, go for what master aoefengshui advised you.

Thank you!

Zhou Yu Bro,

I have hua lu and self hua ji in wealth palace. So does it mean I will become from rich to poor? I'm not rich to begin with.

How do I overcome this if u have any suggestions?

aoefengshui Reviews And Ratings / Reviews on Master Tony
« on: May 18, 2015, 12:40:13 PM »
Had my readings done by Master Tony. He is very specific and is open to questions. Luckily I got to know him via five arts.

Initially I had my reservation if he would get impatience with my questions. My fear was unfounded as he is indeed very patience and friendly towards my questions.

As for his prediction, I will let nature takes its course and at the same time bear his words in mind.

Thank you Master Tony.

Just an update since the last readings by all.

8 months have passed since I made the decision to stay with current employer. All seemed fine until recently that I made an oversight error which the management might harp on it.

Perhaps I should look for new employer now and at the same time improve myself. Cokex has predict that I might be changing job this oct. It could very well come true.

Scheduled to be early Sept.
Hi @nakata11 , it's now mid-Sep, please feedback your decision on your career dilemma.

I have decided to stay with my current employer.


2) Since next year it will be a year for a change of job, use the higher appointment the current company gives you and make the departure to enjoy even higher pay or designation.

Wishing you good luck.

Thanks Cokex and Jlim for your time to review.

Hi Nakata11,

Can you get along with your current boss now?

Normal. But I guess at times some unhappiness. With the new responsilities, I will report to another superior as well.

Hi Dragon88, thanks for the kind advice.

Dear all, just an update. I have consulted a tarot card reader this afternoon. The one reading advised me to stay with my current company.

Go with your gut feeling.  If you have none, ask yourself what is missing from current company and will new company give you what is missing and more?  May I ask what you do for living?

I am in commodities

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