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Hi all,

I have been teaching myself Zi Wei Dou Shu and Bazi; however, my understanding is still limited and sometimes I cannot figure it out myself.

I'm hoping to have some opinions about my ZWDS and Bazi.

There are good and bad elements of my birth chart; I'm hoping someone can point out how they interact with others.

My Bazi is balanced, however, I have none of Earth elements. Will it affect immensely my life? How to improve this situation?

I have Tai Yin in Ming and I was born at noon (15:30) is it good or bad?
I have Tian Tong and Tian Liang in Career palace; however, it has Self Ji. Is my career still good in general?
I have Tian Ji in Wealth palace with a combination of bad stars like Ling Xing and Qing Yang. Can I be wealthy or successful with investing?

I'm hoping to get married in 2020, can I? Otherwise, when is a good year to get married because I don't want to miss a good time.

Thanks for your help. I greatly appreciate it

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