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I just curious about Kobe Bryant

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Did anyone know what explanation by bazi or zwds about dead of Kobe Bryant.
His dob by wiki is 23th August 1978.
How the crush can be happened?


--- Quote from: hellokitty888 on January 27, 2020, 07:11:15 PM ---Did anyone know what explanation by bazi or zwds about dead of Kobe Bryant.
His dob by wiki is 23th August 1978.
How the crush can be happened?

--- End quote ---

Soo lets check his chart. As initial chart will take way too long to go into, lets just look at some stars in his 10 year period that we may expect to be active around Hai and Zi years as well(Zi lunar, Hai solar).

First for the 10 year periods we have star 26.Disaster​ 灾煞.

--- Quote ---"Disasters, trouble, diseases, injury, hemorrhage, in worst cases – even death. It has destructive power and disharmonic relationships with the ​General​ star.​"
--- End quote ---

So why did this star showed up...
Because the 10 year period is clashing his year branch. So problem of water with fire, we can expect it in this water years to be there as well.

Then the question becomes, will it be active and we can look at how strong the year branch is to determine that. It seems very weak, no wood anywhere around to produce it and its exhausting trying to control the Wealth/Vehicle/Money/Metal.

Now, we know in this 10 years there will be a disaster. And its connected to Water harming the already weak Fire.
As I said we can use any calendar for Images of where and why and in this case the Lunar Calendar the Zi year already started, suggesting that tragic accident may happen now. However, even if we just look at it as Hai year, it still fits very nice, more on that below.

Yet, of course that needs Images from the Solar as well, in this case we have Chou month, taking in all the Metal(Metal carry Images of vechicles) in the chart, with that taking the DM as well.
Taking the Dm as well, because DM combines with the metal(Si<>Shen), so when the metal falls, the DM falls as well.

So we have the idea of him and a vehicle both beings lost in a closed Tomb.
That is reinforced at that specific day, when Chou with all it carries falls in Chen this time.
Both Chou and Chen as wet Earth carrying also Images of bad weather.

In all this we have the Fire from DM and from the year, trying to reach higher and at the same time the Star bringing it lower. The Fire trying to control a lot of Wealth(or vechicle/or metal etc.) is very weak suggesting the Stars will show up strong and influencing a lot.

Also carrying Symbolic Star of
66.White Tiger 白虎

Injury and Metal. Both still related to what happened. But will it be active...
Its not just active, but it carries almost exactly the same ideas.

It is made from Zi branch interaction but not with the fire in the year(Wu), but with the fire in the day branch(Si).
So this time its much more directly saying that the fire will be harmed by the water. And by the same reasoning the day branch is very weak, so the star is active.

Also having thunderbolt star in this 10 year period, also suggesting similar images, although this one is not as clear as the others for a disaster. Yet it does suggest intensity on the rest of them.

This is just short look at 2 stars and some situations that they may show in that 10 years around the water years especially as it did.
Anything else will be very long to go into, as obviously there are many more stars, without even going to the initial chart more then we already did. : )

Symbolic stars are just guidance system, if we want to read without it, we can say that the Fire in his chart is extremely weak and has tendency to fall(down and in storages/tombs as well).
So when opportunity for that shown up so strongly and with all that water bringing down and harming the fire, with the other images of vehicle, bad weather and DM being lost in a tombs together with a vehicle, seems to be an indication of what seems to have happened.
All that without even mentioning that the Water is actually his Officer, just reinforcing all of it.

What choices could have lessen it?
Give most of your wealth away. Fire trying to control so much of it may have weaken it so much that there was no way to avoid the Water effects in that part of his life it seems.

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Okay, Thanks for the opinion, @Gmuli and @rainmaster ...

But if this was happened because of Hai clash Si, why it did not happen in Gui Hai period? Its 10 years ago, anything can be happened. and Hai periods will be very dangerous for him because added one movement element for him.

And what the sign of the crush from this chart in this period (Jia Zi), I don't think Jia crush into Geng would be the sign of the accident...

2008-2012 was the peak of his career, while he reached All Star MVP Award, and had the highest salary in NBA, and this all happened in Gui Period...

This chart


Fire is his useful god. He needed Shaq and Gasol big men to win championships in 2000-2003 and 2009-2011.

His cycles 2003-2013 GUI HAI, 2013-2023 JIA ZI.

After changing into GUI HAI cycle he clash with Shaq and wife. After JIA ZI cycle more injuries and retirement.


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