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I Ching disbeliever. Why?

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It's a strange day. Today weather, I meant. ;D

The moment before I casting I Ching with my bamboo sticks, the weather outside was sunny. When the tools and setup was ready. Suddenly it rained. :)

Curiosity is natural trait of human being. So, let it be. ;D

Question: I found this person defame I Ching. What is this person intention?

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In learning, the increase of knowledge and skill should be seen daily.

In cultivation, the decrease of coarseness in character and impurity in mind should also be seen daily in order to reach the true essence.

Tao Te Ching

why care if anybody doesnt believe in this  :)

It's not a question of believing or not. I-ching is a tool. Use it or not , one can decide. Properly use it depends on how one is taught.  Matter most is for yourself, does it help with your questions and better you life/understanding?   

Most things comes down to results is it not? If it's reliable it can be trusted. If it's not reliable then can be dangerous to trust it.  Results determine accuracy and it being reliable.  Same with bazi analysis. having competent practitioner depends on results/reliability. Only then can you use the info to help you better own self/life.

Same can be said of gravity. don't matter if you believe in it. It exist and will still affect you. I ching is just a way to understand the unknown universe. It exist . don't need approval from anyone. A person won't have obstacles cuz they don't know i ching or use it. there are many things in world that one don't have to be involve in and their life still move on.

You were suppose to ask yesterday if it is going to rain today. then you can see your i ching casting results. lol.

so what is your conclusion in your i ching casting of this person defaming?  In everyday language not what's prewritten philosophy ideas. =o) What's his intention?

I think the question wording don't qualify to get proper answer as it's not specific question.


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