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Hi @Han @Owlbear @Axis and All,

Chart below belongs to no other than world sexiest man Johnny Depp.

Bing.   Gui.   Wu.   Gui.
Chen.  Wei.   Wu.   Mao.

@Han this chart has both wealth wearing officer hat (month) and officer wearing wealth hat (hour).

@Owlbear there seems to be tomb work involved in this chart and we have much info on his life

Let's dissect his life!!!

^_^ OK, let's see what we can learn from his life.

Please participate dear all Masters!

Which one shall we discuss?

1.) Married 20 Dec 1983:
LP        AP
Bing     Gui
Chen    Hai

2.) Divorced 1985:
LP        AP
Yi         Yi
Mao     Chou

3.) Relationship 1998:
LP        AP
Jia       Wu
Yin      Chen

4.) Daughter born 1999:
LP       AP
Jia       Ji     
Yin      Mao

5.) Son born 2002:
LP        AP
Jia       Ren
Yin      Wu

6.) Seperation of relationship in June 2012.
LP        AP
Gui      Ren
Chou   Chen

7.) Relationship 2012:
LP        AP
Gui      Ren
Chou   Chen

8.) Married 3 Feb 2015
LP        AP
Ren      Yi
Zi        Wei

9.) He rose to prominence on the 1980s television series 21 Jump Street.

10.) Depp was inducted as a Disney Legend in 2015.

11.) JOHNNY Depp has spoken out about the darkest period in his life.
The actor has revealed that he struggled to cope when his daughter, Lily-Rose, was rushed to hospital in 2007 being treated for kidney failure
LP           AP
Gui         Ding
Chou       Hai

As far as Tombs go I can try some stuff hehe.
Bing.   Gui.   Wu.   Gui.
Chen.  Wei.   Wu.   Mao.

Wei falls in Chen(Wei is close, no reason not to fall).
Both Gui fall in Chen too(including DM).
Chen is closed too.


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