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  • Qualities of a spiritual seeker
    « on: April 28, 2017, 11:09:41 AM »
    Being slow to forget people

    In a word, this means that you remember the people who past by your life, no matter how insignificant, if they have done something to support you, or if you have played some jokes on them, these seekers remember even years after the event, in a way, they are deep people, they remember these people as a loving experience in the past, not holding grudge. Their memory about people and events are excellent

    Be able learn from the most trivial event

    This means that even anything can be their teachers of truth, it is said that one Zen monk achieve enlightenment when he went to the market and heard the butcher said "here everything is for the best", in another saint, he learnt the truth of enlightenment when he saw a dog looking at its own mage in the river and then jump into it. In summary, these people can learn the most insightful truth just by observing the life around them

    Be not concerned with money

    Even if they have to go to their job, they do not care much about salary, they do not keep money by their side, not even one cent, they have trust in existence and have total trust that they will be provided for no matter what

    Respectful of people's freedom

    They don't impose their beliefs or logic on others, in a way they do not force people to like them or to be their followers, they are loners but people are attracted to them because of their sincerity and genuine interest to help others through their love

    They love sharing

    It is because they have so much love that they have to share to others, through jokes or just a look and enough people can feel it
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