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Saphora FS calculator

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http://ftp.wofs.com/index.php/forum/28- ... calculator

Gentlemen and ladies,the above is the url which I just visited while searching for advanced eight mansion.the member if I may say so,has been missing for two years and there is no way to contact her,she is Malaysian.i tried her email via wofs but the site just does not want you to mail her.

So here is the call again: anyone,perhaps Saphora may even be reading this for all we know. Her brilliance is all over her own FSH calculator. And it would do well to have it here in fivearts :thumbup:

So this  :s_whiteflag  the flag on invitation to surrender to superior if not real wisdom. How about it?

Hi Revising,

Saphora is a 'He' and last I heard was living in Australia.

I have attached his FS calculator posted on 5Arts. (Admin, If this file is posted on the WOF site, please delete.)


Saphora FS Calculator v3-1.xls

Downloaded before it's gone  :s_yummy

The Excel application has a function to plot your bazi chart if you enter your birthday and time. So far so good.

:clap:  :clap:  :clap:

That's my congratulations to REN,

Fast on the draw :s_airkiss this is on the forehead....for we are of like gender! As this is from an ipad ,Microsoft applications don't work so I had to go to my notebook.for a while I thought I couldn't run it and tried saving it. The latter escapes me,but all is well. Send me an email I will send you,yes,an xls of a water method,but am sorry it's Spanish,but from the looks of it I think it will only be familiar to you.

Thank you my man Friday for that quickness of response :s_bye


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