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diagonal lines under eyes


Such as in the example of Ryan Gosling, when you have a diagonal line that connects from the corner of the eye and goes across the cheek, what does this mean? I think I read that it is a good sign. Not everyone has this. I've also sometimes noticed young people with it and old people without.

Any one knows?

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Just to add,

I lost all of my face reading text and notes due to a HD crash. The one text I still have mentioned something interesting.

The puffy edge under Mr Gosling's eyes is called "Shed Tear" line. It can indicate unresolved issues or emotional trauma that has not been resolved / released (cried out).

The (hollow) space under the eye can also point to a lack of something (maybe again a lost or some emotional issue). The full middle check area can indicate a zest for life.


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interesting! Where do you find these texts?


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